Kōkua ‘Enehana (Technology Help)

Aloha kākou. If any of you would like to be able to type the ‘okina and kahakō here, it can be done. Here are some tips: 1) If you have Mac OS X, there is a "Hawaiian" keyboard already in the system. Go to the System Preferences, select "International" and then the "Input Menu" tab found there. Scroll down and check the "Hawaiian" keyboard. You'll now see a keyboard menu up near the clock in your menu bar. Select the Hawaiian keyboard there. This is a Unicode keyboard, and since Ning supports Unicode you can type the ‘okina (just use the apostrophe key, or use option and ] - the right square bracket). If you have the old Papa Pihi HI that our office did years ago, don't use it here! People will see the dreaded umlauts - äëïöü, etc. 2) If you are a Windows user, there is a Hawaiian Windows Unicode keyboard here. Please download and read the instructions as well as the Unicode keyboard layout installer. It's a bit too detailed to get into here. It works with both XP and Vista. E ola ka ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i ma kēia ao ‘enehana hou!

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  • Thank you so much!
  • Eh, here's another tech question. You know when you fill out a form or order something on the internet, and you have to select a "country" from a dropdown menu that DOESN'T INCLUDE US, does anybody else get pissed off, or is it just me? Personally, I would often like to tell the webmaster of whatever site I'm visiting that I'll gladly participate WHEN I can choose the right country (I'm not a nationalist, but I aint no American, either). I would even be okay with selecting "other", but that never seems to be a choice. And what about all our other occupied brothers and sisters in the world?

    Anyway, what I really wanna know is, how hard would it actually be for the techies who run these sites to add countries to the list? I mean, it's a frickin' computer, right? It's gotta be easier than that UN NSGT Decolonization list...why does it feel like the same damn thing?
    • Actually Iʻve added Hawaii to the list -- unfortunately, Iʻve had to do it at the Virgin Islandʻs expense. Oh well...
    • 'Ae no ho'i !!! `O au pu !!! (Sorry I haven't had a chance yet to actually download the software so I can spell correctly using the kahako) It isn't just you! I too get very irritated when I don't have the option to select Hawai`i as my COUNTRY .... =-[
    • Aloha kāua. It all depends on the software being used by the web service. If it's on a hosted system (like Ning here) the only way to do it is to lobby the developers to include Hawai‘i or other locales perhaps not listed. For software packages that you can install yourself (like WordPress, Jumla, Drupal, etc.) and have some access to the databases that drive them, the person setting up the system may be able to customize the country list. It's not easy to do, but possible. I don't know of a standard repository from which developers of these systems draw upon when building their list. Ning's is as long as any I've ever seen. I'll contact the developer and see if they would add it.
      • Mahalo!!
  • E maika`i keia! Mahalo!!
  • Hauʻoli nō kēia i ka hiki ke hoʻohana i nā ʻokina a me nā kahakō ma Maoliworld. E ola nō ka ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi.
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