Does anyone have updates on where things are at with Marie Beltran. etc? I heard last night that she is still in jail. Is it because she can't raise bail? That's not okay. Doesn't her arrest violate mamalahoe (the "law of the splintered paddle"), which is suposedly a founding part of the state constitution? Just askin'.

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  • Howzit Laulani...I'm glad I attended Uncle's meeting last night to hear about Kaena, Mokuleia DLNR citations on our kanaka maoli people for accessing traditional camping & fishing grounds. Please let us know when you set up a YouTube site with video footage and more information on the problems. Mahalo...tk
    • Hey Laulani, Summer is on Maoliworld. Let her know whatʻs happening with the Kaena, Mokuleia DLNR citations.
      • Yup. We get um -- mahalo!! Her 'ohana is already on this one too...
    • Ok. Hey, so what's the status on Marie Beltran?
  • I am not sure if the Palapala Koe Nae that Mahealani, John, and Pili brought to a class yesterday on Oahu includes Mokuleia. I'm including a picture of a map of Koolauloa which is where the koe nae is:

    I realize that doesn't get her out of jail, if she's still in. I wish I could say more but it's hard without sounding like I'm giving legal advice. She's sounds like a very strong woman and she probably knows already that the private corporation illegally occupying Ko Hawaii Pae Aina has no jurisdiction over her and Kanaka Maoli land. There is a process but I'm no expert.

    I attend classes that educate me on Law Literacy for Maoli. It's a class that empowers, makes my head real with the information conveyed to my tiny brain! Still I go because I want a better future for my children. I want them to have land here, in the country they originate from.

    We are bombarded daily with issues, we run up against these...people?...for 100+ years we've been doing that. Mahealani has found a remedy for these issues. Vest up your land rights. It's a paper that sits patiently waiting under 100's maybe 1000's of papers that contain lies, gibberish, and drivel. It's your Royal Patent, Court Certificate of Title (de facto calls it LCAw, we are not wards of an institutions), Royal Patent Grant.

    She took 200 Palapala Koe Nae papers there. I don't know how many were issued.
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