Palapala Koe Nae for Koolauloa

There will be Palapala Koe Nae available tomorrow for Koolauloa. Refer to the map above for the location of the koe nae. As to the location of the class: 6/21/08 at Kapolei Middle School, Oahu 91-5335 Kapolei Parkway from 10:00am to 2:00pm If I'm not mistaken there will be a lunch served, and if it's the Kaulia family, ummm ono! This is a remedy for a situation that has been shouted out for 100+ years, give us back our land. Now we know, we don't have to ask them anymore, we just have to vest it up. Vest up your interests in lawful rights to aina (land, reef, sea) that was secured for us by the King Kamehameha III through The Declaration of Rights, dated July 6, 1839.
Ke Kumukanawai Maoli no Ko Hawaii Pae Aina: The Fundamental laws of the Nation
The Mahele system validated the na ahupuaa system in writing all NATIONS and NO PUBLIC LANDS were created. ONLY FUTURE INTERESTS known as "KOE NAE NA KULEANA O NA KANAKA." ~
An "ahupuaa" is a "[l]and division usually extending from the uplands to the sea[.]" Mary Kawena Pukui & Samuel H. Elbert, Hawaiian Dictionary 9 (rev. ed. 1986). In this context, a "kuleana" is a "small piece of property, as within an ahupuaa". Hawaiian Dictionary, supra, at 179. 1982 case (66 Haw.1, 656 p.2d 745), the Hawaii Supreme Court acknowledged that the original award of the Manawai ahupua'a on Maui was subject to "Koe nae no kuleana o na kanaka malolo." This proviso was translated at trial as "the kuleanas of the people therein are excepted."

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