• Sep 2, 2009 from 12:00am to 9:00am
  • Location: Iolani Palace, Honolulu
  • Latest Activity: Jul 30, 2021
Queen Lili'uokalani's 2009 Jubilee:A Transition of LIFEAli'i Nui Dayne Aipoalani, leader of the "Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi" (PKOA) Hawaii, announces the celebration of "Atooi's Queen Lili'uokalani Jubilee 2009." We are extending an invitation to all people who love and honor our Queen to please joine us in prayers, ceremony and celebration.It is to be one of Hawaii's most significant historical and cultural ceremony ever to be held at Iolani Palace.The event is scheduled for September 2, 2009 from 10am to 7pm and will commemorate her Majesty, Queen Lili'uokalani's 161st birthday. At this spiritual event, all shall witness, share in and celebrate an act of "Polynesian Reconciliation" and "Maoli Recognition" that has long been overdue for all Kanaka Maoli.Ali'i Nui Aipoalani, the great, great, great grandson of Kamehameha recently recieved several significant artifacts belonging to Her Majesty, Queen Lili'uokalani. Aipoalani and Atooi Marshals were informed of the artifacts while attending a spiritual gathering earlier this year atop Mauna Kea, on the Island of Hawaii. The fascinating story of "how and who" was chosen to hold and protect the royal objects was re-told by the last Kahu Kuamo'o (keeper) of the artifacts who held them for the last 25 years."Atooi" in ancient Polynesia means "The Light of God." According to spiritual belief, after Queen Lili'uokalani's death, her spirit was unable to transition to the "Light," caused by the oppression of the overthrow of her Kingdom and her grave concern for her people.In September, Kanaka Maoli, Australian Aboriginals and Polynesians living in Hawaii and abroad, will come together to celebrate the return of Her Majesty's Royal Hawaiian I'olani Palace flag that came down in 1898 after her dethronement.The Queen's flag, 10' x 22' in size, as well as several other personal items of Her Majesty were stored away all these years in a royal blue sea chest, with the name "Rose" carved on it, once belonging to Princess Ka'iulani. Found in the chest with the flag, was anAustralian Diplomatic flag that provided diplomatic immunity for Queen Lili'uokalani on her journey to Washington DC to protest the overthrow. In the trunk also were three hand crocheted doilies, a native scepter believed to belong to Kamehameha I, two Polynesian ceremonial axes, and an aboriginal painting depicting four large Monitor lizards.In the fulfillment of Her Majesty's prophesy and wish made over a century ago, PKOA's "Atooi's Queen Lili'uokalani 2009 Jubilee" is calling on numerous national and international Chiefs and dignitaries from the entire Polynesian Triangle to come together in unity. Guests are expected from Tahiti, Samoa, Fiji, Aotearoa(NZ) and Australia to join in this celebration.E KOMO MAIPeaceful Justice for All
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  • What a wonderful photo of unity!!! Mahalo Pomai for posting this.
    Alii nui's from throughout Polynesia will be here to help Celebrate our Queens birthday at Iolani Palace this morning and include The Kingdom of Atooi into their circle. Aloha and unity lives on!
  • ALOHA Kaua, e Kali, There is planned for a Gathering at Iolani Palace on Sunday, Sept 6. I heard the announcement on the Hawaiian Music station.
  • Mahalo Pomai, I was hoping there would be a day long celebration on Sunday like was last year. Oh well. Mahalo again for the info.
    E malama pono, Kali
  • ALOHA Kaua, e Kali, I just saw posted on Maoliworld Event for the Queen on Maui for Sat. Sept 5. ALOHA No, o Pomai
  • ALOHA Kaua, e Kali, So far I have not heard about any event on Sunday 9/6 for the Queen's Birthday. There may be something as someone may want to do something for the Queen on a weekend, on Sunday. ALOHA No, o Pomai
  • Aloha,
    I think there is another event on Sunday 9/6 marking the Queen's birthday-Anyone know anything about it? Hard to find info online.

    Mahalo nui!
  • I cannot make any promises at this moment, but I will do everything I can to try to make it to this event.
  • E Ola Mau Ke Aupuni Moi O Hawaii, o Pomaikaiokalani
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