• Apr 23, 2010 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Location: Nu'uanu Pali Lookout
  • Latest Activity: Jul 30, 2021
For the past decade, Na Papa Kanaka o Puʻukohola have held commemorative ceremonies at the Nuʻuanu Pali in memory of the great battle that took place there. We gather to honor the strength, skill, intelligence, and bravery of Nā Kupaʻāina o Hawai`i who played a role in this pivotal moment of history. It is said that this was the last major political action purely determined by Hawaiians toward forging their future. We gather to keep our history alive in our minds and naʻau and to perpetuate our culture.We would like to invite you to participate with us for the annual “Commemorative Ceremony” honoring the Battle of Nuʻuanu and the men and women that participated.As the sun rises over the Pali on Saturday, April 24 traditional oli will be heard marking the 215th year since the events occurred that placed Kamehameha as the ruler of Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, Maui, and Hawaiʻi. Groups attending are invited to give hoʻokupu, oli, hula, or traditional offering of your choice. The early morning ceremonies should begin at 5:00AM and then we will move into a sharing of moʻolelo, oli, hula, and hoʻokupu. We will greet the dawn with sunrise protocols, and pule to the start of a good day.We gather with the purpose of honoring Nā Kānaka, Nā Koa, and Nā Ali`i that shared in this pivotal moment of history. “I ulu nō ka lālā I ke kumu”, the branches grow because of the trunk (Without our ancestors we would not be here), `Olelo No`eau, Mary Kawena Pukui. It is intended as a time to come together, to share, and move forward in unity and peace-- Hoʻokuʻikahi.Aloha aku noFINAL NOTE: If you are attending, be sure to be prepared for cold, wet weather, just in case. If you would like to present hoʻokupu of any kind, you are most welcome to do so. physical hoʻokupu may be presented, or hula, oli, or other traditional hōʻike naʻau.Call time is indeed 5AM, with procession starting 5:30.
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  • Mahalo e Keawemauhili, a me na makamaka a pau i 'akoakoa mai ai ma ka wahi pana, papa kaua, o ka pali weliweli o ke Ko'olau!
  • Thanks for letting me attend. My Great, great ,great, great grand father and grand uncles took part in that battle as they were aligned with Kamehameha due to the foresight of their father; Chief Mamane Keawemauhili... Mahalo to my Kupuna for the decision so that we may be here today...
  • Aloha e 'Ohu,
    Mahalo nui for the invitation to this ceremony.
    I only wish it were possible for me to attend, it would
    be very interesting to be there to witness tis event.
    We visited Nu'uanu Pali three years ago, and it is a very
    awesome place. Steeped in history, must never be forgotten
    what happened there.
    Foundit amazing the winds were so forceful there!
    But oh so worth it all, the beauty and learning of the
    ancient times of it.
    E Malama Pono
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