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  • Location: Location: Marriot Courtyard Kauai at Coconut Beach Hotel
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Wailua and South Olohena Ahupuaa, and Wailuanuiahoano
Lihue and Kawaihau Districts, Island of Kauai
Various parcels associated with the following Tax Map Keys Plats
3-9-002, 3-9-006, 4-1-003, 4-1-005, 4-3-001, 4-3-002, and 4-3-010


Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2011, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Location: Marriot Courtyard Kauai at Coconut Beach Hotel
Paddle Room
650 Aleka Loop
Kapaa, Kauai, HI 96746

Notice is hereby given that the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) propose to implement widening and utility improvements to Kuhio Highway along an approximately 1.75-miles section of highway in the Lihue and Kawaihau districts on the island of Kauai. The proposed project includes widening approximately 0.8 miles on the southbound (mauka) side of Kuhio Highway from three to four lanes between Kuamoo Road and Temporary Bypass Road. Additionally, the existing right-turn storage lane along Kuamoo Road will be extended. In addition, the HDOT plans to underground various existing overhead utility lines from South Leho Drive to Temporary Bypass Road.

The FHWA and HDOT will conduct a consultation meeting pursuant to Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (Amended 2006). Native Hawaiian Organizations and Native Hawaiian descendants with lineal or cultural ties to, cultural knowledge or concerns for, and cultural or religious attachment to the historic resources of Wailuanuiahoano as well as the ahupuaa of Wailua and South Olohena are invited to attend. The agenda will be to go over the results of the historic properties consultation as well as the results of the archaeological investigation that was conducted. In addition, there will be consultation with Native Hawaiian Organizations as a group to assess whether the project will have an adverse effect on the historic and cultural properties identified.

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  • http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wailua_Complex_of_Heiaus

     The nearly 1,100-acre (450-hectare) Wailua River State Park, situated along the river, is rich in Hawaiian tradition. The first migratory  arrived in the 11th century and settled near the present coastal towns of Wailua and Kapaa. During the period of island kings, only royalty ( alii) could visit the area.

  • 2766661347?profile=originalThe above map indicates the Various parcels associated with the following Tax Map Keys Plats
    3-9-002, 3-9-006, 4-1-003, 4-1-005, 4-3-001, 4-3-002, and 4-3-010
  • Please note that this notice came out in the Garden Island Newspaper only 4 days prior to this important 106 meeting.


    Hui Namaka hiwa o Wailuanuiahoano, Koke Aupuni Manini, Liko Martin,  and linial decendants of  Moi ali'i - Kukona, Mano o kalanipo, Kamuali'i , Kapule would like to extend an invitation to all Native Hawaiian Government  Organizations to interact and participate   at an Executive level,  at the upcomming  106 consultation meeting  with the County of Kaua'i, State of Hawaii, State Historic Preservation Department, United States of America, ACHP and FHWA Federal Highway Administration .

    It is imparative that representatives from the various Native Hawaiian Governments be present and able and willing to defend  Spiritual Importance and   inherited birth rights of Native Hawaiians to practice religios rituals in privacy at  the Heiau and sacred landscapes in the Wailua Ahupua'a..

    Representatives must also be able to Identify traditional cultural properties and if the issue should arise, be able to defend  Jurisdiction and/or land ownership and title of  the Various parcels associated with the following Tax Map Keys Plats
    3-9-002, 3-9-006, 4-1-003, 4-1-005, 4-3-001, 4-3-002, and 4-3-010.


    These parcels are located in  Wailuanui ahoano, Kaua'i and  are considered extremlysacred and spiritual.  These Pre historic Historical Cultural lands can only be compared to "modern day" traditional cultural property, Iolani Palace (which the State is in Control of!)

    I will be posting family names affiliated with this area shortly. Should you know or have contact with members of these families please pass on this most important notice.

    Should you require furthur information regarding this meeting , please feel free to contact me.


    Noelani Josselin


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