• Mar 22, 2009 from 3:00am to 5:00am
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Prof. Mark D. McCoy (San Jose State University) will be presenting the results of recent academic archaeological research.What is the Hawaii Archaeological Research Project (HARP)?HARP is a collaborative archaeological research program that centers on the traditional district of North Kohala, Hawai'i Island. Since 1995, the project's principle investigators, Michael Graves (University of New Mexico) and Thegn Ladefoged (University of Auckland), have worked with students, professionals, and the local community to promote the project's two main goals: conducting integrative RESEARCH that uses spatial technology to link archaeological, environmental, and historical data; and creating TRAINING opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in field, laboratory, and archival research.To learn more about HARP, please visit our web pages which list reports and publications, current collaborators and students, and describes the history of the project go to www .sjsu.edu/faculty/mdmccoy/harpMark D. McCoy is an anthropological archaeologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at San José State University. He received his PhD in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley and has conducted archaeological field research on Hawai'i, New Zealand, the Republic of Palau, and across North America. His research focuses on the development of complex, hierarchical societies on Pacific islands, especially the Hawaiian Islands. His interests include social landscapes, agriculture, and paleodemography, and his methodological expertise is in the use of spatial technology, digital archaeology, and lithic analysis.Contact information: mdmccoy@email.sjsu.edu
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  • What are they doing with this research and how is it benefitting the Kohala Community? Will this research help to protect and preserve Kohala's many cultural sites in perpetuity from land speculation and development?
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