1000 Friends of Kaua’i is seeking donations to its legal fund. The organization has filed a lawsuit against the Kaua’i County Planning Commission. This lawsuit asks the court to: 1) find that environmental assessments should have been conducted before the county approved two large resorts – totaling 547 timeshare and hotel units – on the Waipouli shoreline and 2) revoke the County’s approval of permits for those resorts. The Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, representing co plaintiff, Nani Rogers, has joined 1000 Friends in its legal efforts. The same issue had been heard earlier by Judge Watanabe in 5th Circuit Court, who declined to pull the permits, but declared a building moratorium which is still in effect. Meanwhile, the court case was suspended for a year for court ordered reviews by the County. No substantial changed in the situation occurred from these reviews and the case is returning to Court July 27th.Although our attorneys have generously agreed to represent 1000 Friends at a reduced rate, this litigation is costly nonetheless. So far 114 concerned citizens have contributed and their donations have carried us through researching and filing an excellent complaint, representation at six hearings, several lengthy depositions, voluminous research, thorough preparation and effective court presentations in court. We need your help to counter the developers’ well-paid lawyers. Protecting our precious shoreline, our cultural and scenic resources and indeed, our entire Island from the devastating impacts of irresponsible overdevelopment will require a concerted, broad based effort. 1000 Friends of Kauai feels that these goals are worthy of your support.If you love the ocean views through old coconut trees, care about our shoreline, hate the burgeoning traffic jams, or if you simply expect that developers and the County should follow Hawaii’s Environmental Protection Act and Shoreline Management Area rules, we ask you to donate now to our legal fund.1000 Friends of Kaua’i is a Hawaii nonprofit [501 © (3)] advocating for and educating about moderate, responsible growth on our Island since 1981. Our group is particularly concerned by the massive surge in resort development on Kaua’i, epitomized by the insensitive timeshare projects already built or proposed for Waipouli and the explosion of development in Koloa/ Poipu. Planned and recently approved resort projects would increase the number of tourist units on Kaua’i by more than 75%. We have laws that are designed to guide development, but unless we can force County government to live within those laws and conduct the required environmental analyses, there is no doubt that these projects will be approved with few of the measures needed to mitigate their environmental impacts.kauaiworld.com/articles/.../kauai_news/doc4a726e1247f89832395589.txtPlease send your tax- deductible donation to: 1000 Friends of Kaua’iP.O. Box 1434Kilauea, HI 96754Please tell your friends and neighbors too, because many residents are unaware of these proposed developments. Questions? Feel free to call:David Dinner @ 808 639 7845 orKen Carlson @ 808 828 0175
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  • Mahalo nui loa, Lana
    Your donation and prayers are greatly appreciated! It seems that even with strict Special Management Area (SMA) Laws and Coastal Zone Management (CZM) set backs in place, Developers are determined to "make a profit" by destroying and developing in sand dune areas, knowing darn well that most sand dunes areas are prehistoric native Hawaiians burial sites.

    Unfourtunately, leaders in the current government system often disregard our rights of honoring our Kupunas with our.traditional customs! No matter, we must always renmembere we respect their customs of honouring their ancestors with OBon dances during the summer.

    E kuet
  • Thanks for posting this. I will send a check in defense of the iwi and of the oiwi.

    Malama pono, Lana
  • I would like to thank 1000 friends of Kauai and all of Aunty Nani Rogers and Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation for all their hard work !!! Please Kokua and support the fight for an appeal!
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