• Mar 28, 2009 from 12:00am to 6:00am
  • Location: AHU at Iolani Palace
  • Latest Activity: Jul 30, 2021
In keeping with the Spirit that was put in place by HUI PU on February 28, HPACH welcomes all to be part of this Cultural Access to the AHU at Iolani Palace. It is important that for the perpetuation of the cultural rights of our people that access to the grounds of Iolani Palace be opened and free without any restrictions of any kind to our people. Curltural Gathering begins at Queen Liliuokalani Statue at 10:00am. Bring Ki. Ku Like Kakou No Hawaii.
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  • Aloha Kakou,
    Unfortunately I am having car troubles and wont be able to make it. E kala mai for the short notice.
    E malama pono,
  • On January 17, 1993 after reading the Apology Resolution, Public Law 103-150 I renounced my citizenship to the United States. All the recent events surrounding the movement for Hawiaiian Independence, tells me that I made the right decision.
    The Hawaiian Kingdom was created by Hawaiians. Hawaiians fighting Hawaiians and spilling their blood to be an Independant nation of their own and the Free World.
    After the wars were over, the Hawaiian Kingdom organized itself as a Nation in accordance with International Laws
    Everything, from a National Constitution, Treaties with Foreign Nations including with the United States to bulding a new Palace were all parts of the New Hawaiian Nation.
    The Hawaiian Kingdom was created for the perpetuation of Hawaiian Sovereignty over Hawaii.
    After 109 years of being under American suppression, Hawaiians today should realize that it is time for We, the Kanaka Maoli Hawaii to reunited ouselves as a Free, Sovereign and Independant nation once more.
    Kanaka Maoli Hawaii today must stand up for complete Indepenendance. Kanaka Maoli Hawaii must secure Hawaii as their National Homeland Nation for our children and their chidlren's children to be born in the future Hawaiian Kingdom.
    Hawaiian Sovereignty must be the Supreme Law of Hawaii and the Kanaka Maoli Hawaii.
    Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka Aina I Ka Pono. Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomaikaiokalani
  • ALOHA Kakou, e Hawaii, I've been in the movement for over 50 years. After the actions of our Kanaka Maoli Hawaii people and supporters at the capitol yesterday, there is no question in my mind that we are well on our way in the restoration of our nation, the Hawaiian Kingdom. Mahalo nui to all for your participation in the movement to restore our nation. Hawaiian Independence is well on its way. Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom.
  • For me, No Tents or Banners for this Culture Access to the AHU at Iolani Palace.
  • Tents and banners?
  • ALOHA Kakou, e Hawaii, I just found out that March 17 are the Birth Dates of Queen Ka'ahumanu and King Kamehameha III. Besides the Birth Dates of the Alii other important dates in the history of the Hawaiian Kingdom should also be future access to the AHU at Iolani Palace.
  • ALOHA Kakou, e Hawaii, Thursday March 26 is La Hanau o Prince Kuhio. On Feb. 28 at HUI PU Access to the AHU, Soli mentioned to me that we should return to the AHU for all Hawaiian Kingdom National Days. I strongly support that every month thru out the year a Hawaiian Sovereign Entity should host an Access to the AHU at Iolani Palace. For me hosting this Access to the AHU in memory of Prince Kuhio stand for our people is very meaningful. Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom............................
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