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At 1:10pm on May 15, 2009, Kililani said…


Hey there sister! So how you been? I never knew that you got married! How nice, you are one step ahead of me... Well so how is the married life? I haven't seen you around this little town of ours... It's been awhile! Well just wanted to send some weekend vibes your way! Have a good one with whatever you do!!!
At 7:19pm on February 20, 2009, Kililani said…
How you been? Well just wanted to send a little something for the weekend... Have a good one and be safe!!!
At 9:55pm on February 13, 2009, Kililani said…

So just wanted to send all my friends and family a little something the day before Valentines just because I know that I will not make it tomorrow sending everyone something! I am going to party @ my friends house because it is her Birthday. So do you have a Valentine? Not me, just my kids and I am happy with that. Well friend make the best out of it and have a sweet one!

At 3:23pm on February 6, 2009, Kililani said…

Hey Suzie Wong~
Long time no see!!! So how are you doing?!? Well me all good... I just stumbled on to your page and couldn't believe that I found you! Like the pictures you have! A lot of familiar faces I see from SKU. Well take care and have a sweet weekend. TTYL...KIT!!! Kililani =)

At 11:18am on October 17, 2008, Pomaikaiokalani said…
e Suzie, The Movie is FREE, park in the parking building and get your ticket valedated and this is Manuahi, FREE also. Take everyone you can and enjoy the History Making of our people, o Po
At 6:15pm on June 13, 2008, Pono Kealoha said…
Mahalo for your friendship please have an Excellent weekend :)

ps. if u drink ride a whale !

At 10:30pm on May 14, 2008, Charles Ano said…
My genealogy information is here.

And here's another hawaiian genealogy page I found.
At 1:30pm on May 8, 2008, Kaipolani said…
aloha! I'm maika'i. ' long time ago. I can't believe that you still remember. But yeah, I got friends that live in Cali. Write me back when you can! Alohas~
At 7:56am on May 8, 2008, Leina'ala 259 said…
Aloha Suzie! How you doing? You still want to know where to camp (the secret place) w/o a permit? Call me up or write me and I'll give you my number and directions! It's great for keiki and who doesn't love sleeping a few feet from the ocean? You wake up a new person! New life, new day, new appreciation! Ok sweetie - you take care. Love, Aunty
At 5:31pm on May 7, 2008, Pono Kealoha said…
mahalo e Suzie for da frindship & alohaz

At 1:47pm on May 6, 2008, Kipapa said…
Aloha e Ku'u tita,

Hope all is well, long time no see. Now we have a new means of communication. Mahalo for the invite, take care and keep in touch.

Malama pono,

At 8:59pm on May 5, 2008, Noelani Duffey-Spikes said…
hey well I read your question on da mo'okuauhau group page... and from what i understand if you dont already have it written out for you within your ohana then,, and are all commonly used ones. I use the LDS one because I've been told the mormon churches have choke info plus...its free unlike the other two. hope that helped you. a hui hou
At 10:33pm on May 4, 2008, NA'ILIMA said…
itʻs you,..havenʻt heard from you in ages. how are you doing? what are you doing with yourself and where are you? I donʻt even see grandpa and jarvis. how are they doing? anyways, keep in touch...god bless... a hui hou.
aloha no,
At 6:05pm on May 4, 2008, Pono Kealoha said…
At 4:48am on May 3, 2008, Kaipolani said…
aloha mai kaua. mahalo no ka noi 'ana e lilo i hoa. i la maika'i ia oe!!

na kaipolani
At 10:40pm on May 2, 2008, Leina'ala 259 said…
yes, sweetie - i actually do know a place - kinda secret - that you could camp for a weekend...but i would bring fishing poles just in case cops you can pretend you guys are fishing - they usually don't bother but just in case. ask keani - she knows where - we camped there before...ok - you take care and i hope i'll see you again soon. things are still windy on the windward side...stupid haole drivers - driving all over the road like they're in LA or something...hello dodo heads, slow down and stay in the fricken lines! dis is hawai'i - we don't do MENTO IDIOT well at all!
At 2:24pm on May 2, 2008, Kuʻulei said…
Aloha mai kāua! Mahalo hoʻi ke kono ʻana mai iaʻu e lilo he hoa pūnaewele nou!
At 7:10am on May 2, 2008, Leina'ala 259 said…
OMG - I'm so duh - Suzie! It's YOU! I'm so glad you joined and wrote to me! How you doin? Over there in Makiki-ville. Shucks...I miss my sister & my nephew...I better make time to go sleep over and go holoholo around town with you guys (on foot though!!!). Is Dani pregnant for sure? Ok - keep in touch and I can't wait to see you again. Aloha, Aunty
At 9:57pm on May 1, 2008, Ikaika Hussey said…
Aloha Suzie, mahalo for joining the Aloha Aina group here! I'd like to keep you up to date about activities.
At 9:31pm on May 1, 2008, Leina'ala 259 said…
Aloha kaua!
I'm happy to meet you! I wonder if you know Ikaika Kamaiopili. He is from Hilo! He's my nephew and I think he went to Hilo High. Anyway, I think he's your age! Also, if you know the Puniwai girls - that's my ohana too. And the Carvalhos. Well sweetie - welcome to Maoliworld!

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