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At 2:29am on September 17, 2009, Kaleo Farias said…
Ho Cuz! Good to see you. We lost connection for a little bit. How you been? What's your digits? I recently lost my phone, but i should be getting my replacement by tuesday or wednesday. My number is 808.489.7065. I will be at the Palace Theater in Hilo, this Saturday, to screen the outstanding documentary "Noho Hewa; The Wrongful Occupation of Hawaii. You can watch the trailor on Mahalo Nui to you and your Ohana.

O wau iho no,
At 9:23pm on August 28, 2009, david said…
Aloha Mel Just wanted to post this here, This is from a report on the meeting at King Kam.

A man in his forties identified himself as a member of the “next generation” … “Since our Kupuna are passing on, I’m stepping up.” He gave the most powerful delivery of the evening and pretty much wrapped up the night. He took the microphone and stood before them, making eye contact with each of the panelists. He spoke to them of their responsibilities to their creator, to their children. “You know this is wrong. But everybody’s got to eat eh?.. You just doing your job, aren’t you?” His tone was sometimes loud and sometimes soft and he covered a range of emotions and fears that were present in the room. He spoke about the fear generated from the lies being told by the government to the people. He spoke clearly and delivered to them this message: “This mountain is not your mountain. It’s the most sacred mountain. It’s not your place to allow it to be contaminated.”

Full article at
At 10:35am on June 30, 2009, P'Emily Youngreen said…
Aloha Melvin, It's summer at last here... gardening, mowing the landlord's lawn that should be fodder for goats, sheep, horses. Instead, they prefer the 'golf course look.' At least we get to take it off our rent. We've been taking our dogs to our beautiful mountain lake everyday for a swim. They love it but it's still too cold for me.
I'm a little sad. Our ohana gathering that was planned for November had to be postponed until next summer. Debt plagues us all so we are going to have to do a bit of fundraising in the meantime and pay down those debts. Our daughter's business here is going under and she's had serious health problems too that we will hopefully have under control by next summer. Check out my profile... I'm putting up some pics of our mountain home.
At 11:36am on April 26, 2009, P'Emily Youngreen said…
Aloha Melvin,
It's been awhile. We've been really busy here. Snow is finally gone and now it's time to til the earth and start planting some seeds for fall harvest. Buds are filling up on the apple trees and the bears are starting to look for free grub... gotta be careful around those guys. They're always a little grumpy when they first wake up. Even the deer are a bit 'snorty' when approached. Our daughter ran into an elk on her walk home from town, but at least he was happy eating the grass alongside the road.
This is a vast country, but a lot of the issues here are the same as elsewhere... water for one. Due to global warming, the glaciers are shrinking and they are the source of all our water. In many places the water from the tap is not safe to drink. We are on a 'boil water advisory' and the water on most First Nations reserves is so polluted, it's deadly. So much of the food in the market comes from so far away and is GMO. In fact, much of the vegetables in the store now comes from China. So, the push is on to grow our own... as much as we can.
I've been making a lot of friends here and hoping that maybe I can meet some of them when we go to Hawaii in November for our ohana gathering.
Stay in touch,
a hui hou,
At 9:54am on March 25, 2009, Waihili said…
Aloha mai e Melvin,
Thanks for the friend request. I also use Ho'oponopono. Nice to meet you!
At 12:59pm on March 10, 2009, Maika said…
Found this in a stack of random pictures, thought it was a little surreal.

Any mana'o you'd care to share on the MU, I'd be happy to receive =)
At 9:18am on March 10, 2009, Maika said…
My interest was piqued as the lore of the peoples seem like they could be connected with what the rest of the world consider Atlanta is. However, that's just conjecture on my part. Still interested in any knowledge of them as it is scarce to come by.
At 3:55am on March 10, 2009, Kekai Woolsey said…
Aloha nui loa bruddah,

Thanks for the invite. Joining the virtual world in may realms. Time to continue the flow...

malama pono!

At 5:15pm on March 9, 2009, Maika said…

I just caught the caption for the picture above. I would be interested in any mana'o you care to share on the MU.


At 5:05pm on March 9, 2009, Maika said…
Aloha u'i e ke kahu,

Mahalo for your words of encouragement. Ke ala o Alo'ha'aha'a i ke lapa'au ana o ka lahui. O ke ala au ia 'ike'ole ia'u. Ke 'ike ana i'au o ke ala i Uhini Pili i wale no.

People over here no can hear what I say, as I'm sure you know. If I wrote it, they wouldn't see it. I couldn't if I wanted to, anyways. Makemake has made Kahiki nui a barren wasteland in ka maka::--

""Sweetly beckoning me back to my motherland,
Home, home to beautiful Hawai`i.

She whispered,"E ho`i mai."

Mahalo, and, oh yea, kala mai the ill Hawaiian Grammar ;p

At 2:06pm on March 9, 2009, Robert Ebanez said…
Hey Braddah ..let's make it happen and show world about our love of man ..and wahine..he he...cannot forget them...women...gee....

call me today sometime and talk story to meet this week

Bobby E
At 11:01am on March 9, 2009, Robert Ebanez said…
ok braddah lets make a movie or something you be my manager....funny..

eh join me at HawaiiNetworker....I'm trying to help build that me this week at 699-1232 and met at zippys or something to talk story...

bobby e
At 8:12am on March 9, 2009, carol saffen said…
Thank you for the Invite and Welcome. The site looks interesting. So much to read and learn. I plan to invite others as well. There is power in numbers and voices-it is important to be heard -it is important that others hear.
Thank you again
At 2:34pm on March 7, 2009, Marinspin said…
At 10:21am on March 7, 2009, Tiaki Latham-Coates said…
kia ora my brother,

just wrote a haka last week, we have a new intake on our youth programme, and for the first time it is all boys. our theme for the 6 weeks is what make a positive male rolemodel....looking at what is it to be a man. Doing lots of Taiaha (maori martial arts), haka, kai gathering and preperation.

one part of the haka goes like this

kia whakaruerue te whenua - let the ground tremble
kia whakaoraora te whaititiri - let the thunder roll
Kia pouri kia po - let it be dark, let it be night
ka tu ake au - For I will always stand strong

whats exciting you at the momemnt brother?

mauri ora

At 11:49pm on March 6, 2009, Gerd Schlueter said…
Aloah Melvin! Thanx for adding me; I really like to travel one day to Hawaii, i`ve never been there! I really adore people who live there - it must be a place like Garden Eden.... Here in Germany it is cold, wet and windy and our "summer" is just about 4 weeks in a row with nice weather. Mybe that`s why Germyn people not laughing and smiling so much..?? Hey and by the way: Please visit my myspace site: and leave a comment... Thanx so much! Gerd
At 1:13pm on March 6, 2009, Rissa said…
Aloha Melvin!
I am so blessed, loving life here in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado.
Thanks for the invite to this group.
How are you?
Many blessings to you.
Mahalo nui.
At 3:17pm on February 24, 2009, P'Emily Youngreen said…
Aloha Melvin,
This is now my favorite place. I've just posted some information on the genealogy group page... hoping to solve a long standing family mystery.
Mahalo pono
At 3:47pm on February 20, 2009, P'Emily Youngreen said…
Aloha Melvin,
I am so grateful that you suggested MaoliWorld to me. Now my sister, Kinipela Thyskens and two of my nieces, Kimi Lani and Amanada have joined too. Our ohana keeps growing... Mahalo nui, emily
At 7:25pm on February 18, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! Son,

Keeping Yourself sufficiently occupied is very MAIKA'I NUI! I am too, busy
like you, HERE, in MOEWEE NO KA OE!


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