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At 6:07pm on January 6, 2018, Roberta Jewel Kauinohea Ford said…

Hou oli maka hiki hou cousin hope you and yours had a great holiday 's.  Aloha to you and yours .

Cousin Roberta 

At 10:12pm on April 14, 2017, Roberta Jewel Kauinohea Ford said…

aloha cuz been a long time I am doing genealogy on our Ohana and working on the Hopkins and Fernandez and Kalani the more you dig the more you find out we all related LOL hope you and yours are well and happy .Just wanted to say Aloha to you and yours Malama Pono Me Ke Aloha to you and yours Always cousin Kau'i nohea  Kinney

At 6:17pm on June 2, 2010, Peni Polena K.Fonseca-Aiwohi said…
my mailing add PO BOX 7501 Hilo .Hi. 96720 use Haole Inoa so po po'e know who me a hui hou Polena
At 6:15pm on June 2, 2010, Peni Polena K.Fonseca-Aiwohi said…
Welina e Kuz? Sorry its been so long to talk story with U ! been so bussy with my new Mo'opuna Mililani Fonseca-'Aiwohi Mililani Aberilla from Kane'ohe is her Grandma.And yes Ben S.Fonseca Sr. is my Papa I sighned him up and asked u threw his site for u to be his friend he needs all the help can get Nah!!!!lol!!Im jr but Am changing that Junk Hebrew Christion name to my Inoa I use U remember the Benjamin Spalding name u asked me about before well he waqs my Kupunakuakahi Lilia Wahinekapu 'Aiwohis Son where that Haole name Spalding came from who nows because we have a will of his Sister the former 1st lady to Govner Paulo Kanoa Ali'i from Kauai Kaleipua her other full Bradah was David Kaupiko Kaupiko was his Birth name 1900 cences shows it then in 1910 he added David made Kaupiko his last name and his keiki become Kaupiko last name after that.Kalu'aihalawa was his Papa they all born at Kapali lua AKA Kapu'a the kaulana lua train place to Kekuhaupi'o.Kuz could u send me that Picture of my Anake Abigail 'Aiwohi Keoluolu really want to see what she looked like get and idea of what My Tutu Lilia looked like send me ur add. I dont have a scanner and ill send Arthor 'Aiwohis Picture to U hes the youngest of them Im close to his grand son and Greatgrandson hiki no luv u Kuz a hui hou Polena
At 5:24am on March 11, 2010, Peni Polena K.Fonseca-Aiwohi said…
Welina e Mililaulani! o Polena keia ! I talked to our Cuzin Stacy Ajwohi about the Reunion its not on Moloka'i Im bumbed it in Waimea ,Hawai'i Sep.19th do you have a picture of your Tutu Abigail Aiwohi I have one of her brother Arthor Aiwohi and his wife!!my cell# is 769-8044 tex me yours so I can send you Pictures A hui hou Polena
At 9:40pm on March 2, 2010, Peni Polena K.Fonseca-Aiwohi said…
ThatTutu man is my Grandpa John Fonseca who married my Grandma Lily Keonaona Spalding when she was 16he said after 1wk dating he told us that was the one and that was it in love to da max till she passed I did not think that he would have lived so long after she passed it was from Overian cancer only 70 I miss her so very much have so much to share with her that she never new her older Sis is still alive and she new none of this and all the other Mo'okuauhau that I and our other Cuz have found Ethaline Sores-Teves my Grandmas Sis Mo'opuna
At 9:45pm on February 25, 2010, Peni Polena K.Fonseca-Aiwohi said…
Oh Mililaulani look at my pic. the Hwn group is my Grandma Lilys she is the 2end from last going right a hui hou !
At 9:39pm on February 25, 2010, Peni Polena K.Fonseca-Aiwohi said…
'Ano'ai Kealoha e Mililaulani!! so good to hear back from you.Mt Tutuwahine kualua was Lilly W.Aiwohi whos Kane was David Kiwiki Spalding whos son was Peni Polena AKA Benjamin Kiwiki Spalding whos Wahine was Keao Namau'u Kuamo'o they had 8 Keiki one who was my Grandma lily Keonaona Spalding who Kane was John Fonseca who had my Dad Benjamin Spalding Fonseca who had me Mei 1960 Benjamin Spalding Fonseca Jr AKA Peni Polena K. Fonseca-Aiwohi Im getting ready to leagally change my name to let the Aiwohi name live on thru me and my keiki and my Mo'opunahine whos coming in mei 12th A.Mililani Huakini Fonseca-Aiwohi MY SONS are adding Aiwohi to.You know that Josph Aiwohi Kawai Hatties son was my Tutus hanai he is the one and Samual A.Jr.who I think is buried on Moloka'i Cuz that side is having and Aiwohi reunion this year you should come im going our Cuz here in Hilo invited so Im going she is Stephanie Aiwohi-Cruger is a Samual decendent also you know Tutus Tita Lucy Aiwohi Davis is burried here in Hilo on Ponohawai in Homalani cemetary MY Tutu David Spalding is there to my Tutu Ben Spalding is in Onekahakaha Beach Cemetary.Also you know our Aiwohi land in Ainakea you were talking about was about 54-55 acers given to Tutu E.Kamaka Paku Aiwohi from here father Enoka Paku Pakus Mama was Pi'ilaniwahine in case you didnt know LDS MICRO FILM by the why my Cell is 769-8044 call or Tex any time I have alot to ask and tell you if you dont have what I have I also have ARTHUR AIWOHIS PICTURE HES THE YOUNGEST OF THE 14 iAM VERY CLOSE TO THAT SIDE Grandson of his Rick Aiwohi bons raised Maui but lived and raised his Fam. in Kane'ohe also where Im pretty much from you have Abigais picture or any of the 1st 14 from Kohala? A HUI HOU Polena
At 9:14pm on November 9, 2009, Pomaikaiokalani said…
ALOHA Kaua, e Mililaulani, That picture that you made a comment on Maoli World page is of my Sister and I. Taken at Queen's Surf Beach at around 1963.
At 1:58pm on October 18, 2009, Pomaikaiokalani said…
ALOHA Kaua, e Mililaulani, I just read your comments on Kekapukainohea's page as a Marine. Right now Kekapukainohea is spending time with his family in PA. His Mom was here for 5 days and I was able to meet her. Thanking her for raising such a fine person in Kekapukainohea. I really wished that everyone could meet Kekapukainohea in person. Get to know Kekapukainohea for the person that he is. Not to judge him for the color of his skin. Malama pono, o Pomai
At 8:30pm on September 30, 2009, Roberta Jewel Kauinohea Ford said…
Aloha Miliaulani .Mahalo for the add on and friendship. Yes Aunty Myrtle was my Grandmothers sister Madeline Juanita Fernandez. I remember aunty Myrtle when i was younger and my mother and Uncle Bob McCandless and other family members would go to Waiahole to party Ha ha , it was so much fun for us kids all the happy times and music I see Uncle Sonny and Aunty El so Clearly and all the cousin and grt uncles and Aunties including aunty Myrtle . So long ago . That mountain water on the property was so cold us kids would go and swim in it not for long . Again Mahalo and all my Aloha to u and yours . cousin Bootsie..... Richard Kinney is my brother half we have different fathers although i have the name Kinney on my certificate my fathers name was Alfred George Reis. Nova Jean Reis is my cousin and Niece ... Soap Opera!!!!!
At 6:44pm on September 10, 2009, Ululani said…
Aloha kaua e Miliaulani.

Wow small world. "Spud" is one of my mother's uncles. Her father (Charles) and Kihei's father were brothers. I love Homelani because like you mentioned it's so peaceful there with a beautiful view of Hilo Bay. There is no other place like it.

Anyway yeah --- the DeSilvas head stones are there. I visit their graves every time I go Hilo. Malama pono, Lana
At 8:40pm on August 24, 2009, Pomaikaiokalani said…
ALOHA Kaua, e Miliaulani, Mahalo Nui for the news of your gathering with Jean and Joe. They were my Ohana when I was in the Navy. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed. I ALOHA Jean, Joe, Bernice, and BJ so much. I plan to be at the Palace on Sept 2. Please come up to me and remind me of who you are. As I'm quick to forget names. Remind me by mentioning Jean and Joe names. Even in the movement lots of people know me and I can't remember their names. Many times I think of Jean, Joe and their Ohana. ALOHA No, o Pomai
At 6:47pm on July 25, 2009, Donna Burns said…
e Miliaulani,
Tomorrows event will be videotaped by many of us. I plan on making into DVDs, so I could send you one when pau. My nephew from Maui is here and he will help with that tomorrow.

I remeber the Mahoes lived behind Kalapawai when the Wongs owned it. I really liked Mrs. Wong, sweet lady. And yes, Simeon is in my class, just saw him at the Alumni Luau. Small world. I am not sure if the Na Mahoes and the Mahoes are related, but I think they are. Growing up in kailua, when it was still a small town, it was really nice. Things have changed so much, I rarely go there.

There is an event next month I think on the 26th. It should be announced through HIAA/Hawaiian Independence Action Alliance.
The site is at "groups"...I painted those banners and am an artist.
There was a meeting today, but I wanted to be prepared for tomorrow. Can always find out from others what's up. You might consider coming then.
I have a cousin in Kona, Mikahala Roy, who is my partner in anti-crime. We talk daily about how we will move next...what we will do next to return our Kingdom. She is a real gem and very astute with our culture. she is the Kahu for Ahuena Heiau, passed from her father...Helemauna Roy.

Well, gotta go get things moving. So nice to meet you. Kaua'i is not that are so lucky to live there.

a hui hou,
At 12:05pm on July 25, 2009, Donna Burns said…
e Miliaulani,
I had the same reaction when I heard a presentation on O'ahu. There is so much to stand for and stand against. It is overwhelming and it wears the best of us out. I too am from Kailua and have many cousins and connections in Waimanalo. Do you know the Bruhns? The Perrys? The Kauwes" Anyway...I"m still enjoying your selection of music...da bes! Gotta go and prepare for the Ka La Ho'iho'i Ea tomorrow at Thomas Square. That is when Admiral Thomas returned (as if you can really take a nation) Hawai'i to itself that Lord Paulet of England claimed for England. Well...that is NOT the whole truth. I am a Holt and have a Holt cousin from Kaua'i who is writing a book with a lot of new info to come out about Paulet, who had a daugher named Hanaka'ulani.
Well...gotta wait for the book...sorry as I dont' know much more.
Such a pleasure hanging out on your site. I love the old music. My Mom had an identical twin and they sang and danced the old music at a place called the "La Hula Rhumba" in the 40's during the war to make money. they were called the "Holt twins". I don't know how old you are...but probably young as most older people do not have these computer skills you seem to have. is the old music that I love. You might want to visit my friend Mana Kaleilani Caceres' site on Maoliworld. He's a sweetheart, his wife runs Punana Leo 'o Wai'anae and is lovely. He sings MELE KU'E
and will be singing tomorrow at Thomas Square.

me ke aloha nui,
ps...I don't 'olelo makuahine other than a few words but am learning from your site. My cousin from Kona started the first 'olelo school for kanaka maoli kids that she had hanai. she has passed on but before she died, she passed the kuleana to my classmate (KS'69) Kauanoe Kamana. I try...
At 7:40am on June 5, 2009, Pomaikaiokalani said…
ALOHA Kaua, e Miliaulani, Welcome to HPACH,
HPACH Goals,

.a. To Unite the Hawaiian People into a strong Political Council
e. To Seek and Endorse all Poltical Candidates and Leaders who could help better
the conditions of the Hawaiian People
i. To Support with Political Acton all issues concerning the Hawaiian People
o. To Achieve all the supported, endorsed and united goals of HPACH
u To Love, Trust and To Accept each other as "Na Keiki O Ka Aina Hawaii A Mau Loa"

Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, o Pomai
At 8:39pm on June 2, 2009, Pomaikaiokalani said…
e Miliaulani, when I was in the Navy in 1960's I used to visit Jean and Joe Kalani and their Daughters Bonnie Jean and Bernice. I hope all goes well with Joe. They got to be in their 80's since I'm 70 and counting.
Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, HE HAWAII AU,
At 11:50am on June 2, 2009, Pomaikaiokalani said…
e Miliaulani, By reading your emails, we are Ohana. Jean Hopkin's Mom and my Grandmother, Madeline Fernandez(McCandless, Colburn, Brusco) were sisters. My Mom Dorthy McCandless were first cousin to Jean Hopkins ma. Charles Hopkins I believe was Jean's ma Father. Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, HE HAWAII AU, HE HAWAII MAKOU, o Pomai
At 11:35am on June 2, 2009, Pomaikaiokalani said…
e Miliaulani, My Ohana who are Hopkins are Jean, Myrtle and Angeline Hophkins. Jean is now a Kalani, Myrtle is now a Beamer. All from Kaimuki as children. Rooservelt grads. Jean now lives in San Diego, Myrtle lives here on Oahu and Pee Wee as I know here lives on Kauai. Long Live The Hawaiian Kingdom, HE HAWAII AU, HE HAWAII MAKOU, o Pomai
At 6:46am on May 27, 2009, Leimomi (Kawai) Puaa said…
aloha miliaulani!! wow!! i do believe we are related!!! my great grandfather is joseph aiwohi kawai, his father is your great great grandfather charles hopkins. he was also married to my great grandmother whose name is hattie hanuna, they had two daughters, my grandmother, mary ann, also known as kaliko, and my aunt keaonaona,. they were his two youngest children. i know that he was married before and those children carry the aiwohi name, we carry kawai. i believe he added the kawai name later, in honor of the family that took in his mother and he when she gave birth to him... from stories that i have been told, the family disowned hattie when she was pregnant from kamoho, she was fourteen years old when she had my great grandfather and that she lived in the kohala forest and gave birth to him there. a pueo guided her out of the forest with her son to a house where the family took them in and thats where the name kawai comes in... my great grandfather hardly spoke of the family on the big island. grampa kawai (thats what we call him), hanaied my father, solomon, shortly after he was born. thats a whole other story in itself also!! anyways, i am glad that you have found me, that makes us cousins, right? aunty keaonaona passed away a couple of months ago on moloka'i, i couldn't make it home. also, i remeber a bunch of the ohana came to moloka'i in 2000 and met the moloka'i ohana at ke nani kai, i had just given birth to my youngest child and my dad told me to stay home, so i didn't get a chance to meet them. i talk to cousin joe who is named after my great grandfather on myspace but haven't heard from him for a long time... also i met an uncle at keaukaha, forgot his name, but he is a spaulding. i was at my uncle's hale, butch kaupu, and he came there to offer help from the church and when he found out i was related to him he was so excited, he said i was the first ohana that he met from moloka'i and from joseph aiwohi kawai... he gave me his geneology to take home to the ohana, i also met cousin ben fonseca and a couple more of the cousins, stacey... small world... but its all good!! please keep in touch and i would like to get to know you more... i hardly come on here but i will now!! lol... give my love to the ohana and have a good week!!! aloha... *;)

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