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At 12:32pm on May 27, 2008, Hanalei Fergerstrom said…
Aloha Ku,
I am not familiar with using a blog.. so i'm gonig to try this post and see how it works.
Re: comprehensive management plan for Mauna Kea
I attended the meeting in Hilo. There is so much half truths being spoken. Self serving is the best discription. Dawn Chang was the with the attorney general's office when we had the contested case for the Keck telescopes and Stephanie Nagata is currently with the Office of Mauna Kea Management. The office was created by the University of Hawaii in an effort to give the the public the appearance that there was community input to help control the use of Mauna Kea. They even put together a Kupuna organization that was to be the voice for the Hawaiian interest. That group of course was selected by and controlled by the University, so naturally they hand selected those who are generally in support of the University's position to enable further development on the summit of Mauna Kea.
Here's my problem with this whole picture. The summit of Mauna Kea, now referer to as the University of Hawaii's science reserve is the sacred area known as PO. It is the area between earth and heaven where the two meet. It is kinda like a tranfer station of the Gods when they take on the body forms (kinolau). It is the space where PE'A is realized. This is our church and is the Kuleana of the Temple of Lono. Of the foundation of the Gods only the god Lono was given an exact task for he is the one who walks on earth.
So moving on to comprehensive management plan. Why the plan? and why now? The need for the management plan is to satisfy the directive from the courts saying that no further development on Mauna Kea unless the University and BLNR comes up with a comprehensive plan for Mauna Kea. Notice the words I'm using. Comprhensive... When questioned.. it turns out that they are speaking about the University of Hawaii's science reserve. Of course they do not make that clear to the public. Now how do you get a comprehensive plan if all it the components are not included. For instance... how come we only hear about KECK telescopes ? What happened to Japan's National Telescope (Suburu) or the France Canadian ? why don't we hear about the existent of the array of Radio telescopes (Haarp) or the most sacred bodies of water Lake Waiau ( The sacred waters of Kane). All of these and more are part of the summit of Mauna Kea.
How about the overwhelming amount of tours to the summit, the use of toxic chemicals for cleaning. Water contamination, invasive species introduction, problems of waste.
The answer to all the problems on the summit can be eliminated by recognizing that the Hawaiian has the right to its religion and religious spaces as practiced since time began.
There is so much information that we collectively could share but the refusal to acknowledge the foundation of the Gods lends to the descecration of this most sacred of places.
Aloha, Hanalei Fergerstrom
Temple of lono
At 3:22am on May 26, 2008, Jodi HEW-LEN Dolan said…

Wow! That's COOL!.. I was just on 'Oahu this past October for a family reunion. It was for my tutuman, and his children, and grandchildren... (and our children.) I am trying to attach a picture... and now that I turn the lights on in my head.. Yes, his name is Phillip Charles (duh!) There is my Uncle Phillip, Uncle Robert (Bobby) and Auntie BettyAnne. Also, my Uncle MinFung. I'm wondering if this photo uploader will work...
At 4:45pm on May 25, 2008, Jodi HEW-LEN Dolan said…
Not sure... though I know there are many Phillips and Charles' in all generations. There was only one.. married to my Grandma Mercy, though, and yes, that is my tutuman... My dad has 2 brothers, a sister, and a half brother... the eldest is also, Phillip. They were brought up in Papakolea... Paoa is close, yah?. So did you know my dad?
At 2:21pm on May 25, 2008, keone said…
Aloha Ku,
Sorry for getting back so late, am currently on a trip will be back on the 3rd of June, we should get together and figure out when will be a good time to do work on you.
Aloha Keone
At 1:14pm on May 25, 2008, ku ching said…
Ooops, I don't know Charles - unless his other name is Phillip (who, if my memory is correct was married to Mercy and is Eugene's father).

At 12:58pm on May 25, 2008, Jodi HEW-LEN Dolan said…
Mercy is my grandma. My dad's mother. I never knew her.... she died before I was born. My dad is Eugene. Son of Charles.
Aloha... Malamapono.
Jodi Delete Comment
At 10:27am on May 25, 2008, ku ching said…
The Need for Kukakuka and Celebration! Possibly OTPosted by ku ching on May 25, 2008 at 10:24am in Mālama 'Āina


I just sent the following email to Ikaika Hussey. I'm posting it here - as this discussion group is very well populated. From my perspective - assembling as Kanaka Maoli (in the right setting) in the spirit of Malama 'Aina - and Aloha - is something to continually strive for:


With the success that Maoliworld has gotten, it would be appropriate - one of these times soon - for us to gather as a MaoliWorld ohana - (so-called) "statewide" or "islandwide" to celebrate our Kanaka Maoli-ness and our being Maoliworld ohana.

Wouldn't this be a great celebration if held at 'Iolani Palace grounds - without a permit - but completely by some kind of magic spontaneity that just happens - perhaps on one of our "special" days (but not July 31 when I will be celebrating "Ka La Ho'i Ho'i Ea!"on Mauna Kea).


At 8:56am on May 25, 2008, david said…
Aloha Uncle,
That will work just fine, I just wanted your mana`o and permission. If you want I can run the articles by you before I post them. I know that my site is mostly about the island Hawai`i, however it is designed that way so the search engines pick it up. In the next few months, I expect to see some of my pages coming up in the top of the search results, and I want to make sure the information is accurate, and pono. Search engines are a funny thing, but that is where traffic comes from. This is crucial to bridge the gaps between those that know, and those that are looking for the information.

Mahalo and 2 scoops Aloha

At 7:43am on May 25, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Aloha Anakala, Aole pilikia, I did wonder though when I got the message but its okay. I figured you were on someones else's page. I was telling Momi that this must be a new trend because
we will be meeting up for lunch also. I like the idea of not only making friends on the internet but actually meeting them in person. Well I hope you have a great weekend. Its so beautiful outside~ A hui ho~
At 11:33pm on May 24, 2008, ku ching said…
KAU INOA: Fact and Fiction

> What is the honest and true underlying purpose of Kau Inoa?

OHA trustee Oswald Stender once said that Kau Inoa was designed to and is expected to be the "roll" that is mentioned in the so-called "akaka bill."

This "roll" will be the "register" of the citizens of the "Native Hawaiian Governing Entity" (by definition).

> How will Kau Inoa help Native Hawaiians?

It will be a short-cut and add time efficiency into the implementation of the "Native Hawaiian Governing Entity!"

However, the next question needs to be asked. How will Hawaiians be affected by being citizens of the "Native Hawaiian Governing Entity?"

Well, "they" said that Hawaiians could have their own "government" so they can exercise their right of "self-determination." But, by the "akaka bill" - Hawaiians would only get to be a "governing entity" - that is subservient to the plenary powers of the u.s. congress. In other words - the "Governing Entity" will be a dependent "government" beholden to the u.s. - with the u.s. calling all the shots.

The "akaka bill" process will allow those Hawaiians who intend to become citizens of the "governing entity" to transform the "present Hawaiian government" - meaning the Hawaiian Kingdom - into "that" governing entity.

In other words - to transform the Hawaiian Kingdom - a (former) member of the Family of Nations - into a subservient "governing entity" of the u.s.

(However, How can Hawaiians "transform" the Kingdom to a "u.s. governing entity" if they are not citizens or subjects of the kingdom which they have rejected? Normally - they can't. But - by the rules set up by the u.s. - as it can change the rules anytime it wants to - even in midstream - it can and tries - as long as it can get away with it.)

However, the "self-determination" that is prescribed by the "akaka bill" is u.s.-style "self-determination" - which isn't really "self-determination."

Additionally, the "governing documents" of the "governing entity" must be approved by the u.s. secretary of the interior or the department of interior. If Hawaiians do not come up with documents that can be approved - the secretary or department can then write documents that they will approve (at least this was in one of the recent amendments).

Is this really "self-determination?" Well - not really. But it is u.s. style "self-determination."

The "akaka bill" allows for a negotiation to settle claims to the Kingdom's lands -if it decides if it wants to. In other words, Hawaiians will be able to negotiate whether negotiations to settle claims to the so-called "ceded" lands can take place.

Then, any lands that happen to be settled for by Hawaiians get to be held in trust by the u.s. - like all Indian lands are. The u.s. has not been a responsible trustee for lands it has held in trust. (Google - Cobell case for a present lawsuit about trust lands and moneys)

Because the u.s. now has a clouded title to the so-called "ceded" lands - as they were "ceded" to the u.s. by the Republic of Hawaii - that had no good title. The "akaka bill" will "perfect" the title to any and all of the "ceded" lands that the u.s. will retain. In other words, the "akaka" bill will right the wrongs of the defective cession and annexation of the 1890s.

In turn, Hawaiians get to be wards of the u.s. government. This is like trading "first class" citizenship for "second class" citizenship. (Look up the definition of a "ward" in the dictionary). Wards are commonly those who are incompetent, incapacitated and dependent on their guardian. This includes minors, IQ deficient - those who cannot take care of themselves.

However, as in the 1950s - if the u.s. decides to "terminate" the "Native Hawaiian Governing Entity" at some later date - it can reverse the "sovereignty" process, resulting in the conversion of all the "trust" lands into its own fee-simple lands - resulting in the second theft of Hawaiian lands.

Bottom line - Kau Inoa is part of the process to make Hawaiians into Second Class citizens (of the u.s.) and to finish the theft of its lands.

At 1:44pm on May 22, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Aloha Anakala, Okay sounds good, I'll find it. Just let me know when and anytime between
9:45-2:45 would be fine. A Hui Ho~
At 4:32pm on May 21, 2008, david said…
Aloha Uncle

I have undertaken building a website to bridge gaps on the Big Island. Between Tourists, residents, and Kanaka alike. My hope is through proper education, these bridges will allow for our Island to heal and become stronger. I have been following your comments on the proposed telescope, and I would like your Mana`o and Kokua in building a page on the subject. I have a paragraph or two I put together already, but I would like to get a whole page going.


Is the page where the paragraph I already wrote is.

Mahalo and Aloha

At 8:41am on May 21, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
P.S. Mahalo for the suggestion, I know he is not a part of Maoliworld because I looked but I have family up in Maui so I will make a call home today.
At 8:32am on May 21, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Aloha Anakala,
Okay pick a day, any day from the 9-13 between 9:45-2:45 would be perfect. Regarding the Pho Restuarant, there are two on river street within a two block radius. Are you speaking of the one mauka or makai? I see green and white is that the one?
At 5:20am on May 20, 2008, Ululani said…
Hello KU.

Is that you in the pic or someone else?

Aloha, Lana
At 2:32pm on May 19, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Aloha E Anakala, Mahalo for the invitaion to kaukau with you. I had to laugh because for some reason while reading your invitation I had this image of my Uncle Kauai in my mind. Do you know him? He passed away two years ago and he lived in the apartment at the corner of river street. Which is probably why I had the mental image, his name is Richard Kauainui.
I work with the keikis in the school system and they don't get out till the 6th of June at which time I too will be on summer break so if you want to get together some time after that would be great. Although I do have one question, why did you extend the offer? I know there is something, just can't put my finger on it. I am not trying to be rude and I truly do appreciate the offer, I just needed to ask or I wouldn't have been able to respond to you and that I think would be rude. Hope you are having a beautiful day. A Hui Ho~
At 8:22am on May 19, 2008, ku ching said…
The so-called "akaka bill" - Stealing the Kingdom!

Kekahuna Keaweiwi wrote:

>Aloha Kamaunu,
> This statement by Inouye
> "We are here this morning to consider a measure that would restore the government that represented the Native people of Hawaii to its rightful status among domestic sovereigns of the United States, in the same manner that other governments representing the Native peoples of the United States are recognized by the Federal Government."
> leaves no room for error! He's trying to "sound" like he's helpping us get our National Sovereignty back, but really what he's doing ia specifically meaning/recognizing us ethnic Hawaiians as Native Amercian//Alaskan Tribes.....all "domestic sovereigns of the United States"
> The quick switch-a-roo!

Kekahuna is absolutely correct.

However, Inouye is doing all that he can - in his capacity as an american senator in the u.s. congress - where, even if he had our good intentions in mind - without proposing some kind of treaty that would reverse all the "shitty" history that the u.s. has dumped upon us - but really cannot give us what it (america) took from us by stealth, deception, misrepresentation and fraud back in the 1890s - our independence.

So, garbed in the the golden-voiced cloak of paternalistic bombast - he can only provide us with the status of a dependent "domestic sovereign of the United States" - just like the Indians - "wards" of the great, white father, who, perched on its throne in Washington DC, takes care of all those defined as "incapacitated" and unable to take care of themselves.

That Inouye claims that this "status" will "restore the government that represented the Native people of Hawaii to its rightful status" is a bunch of the sweetest bullshit that a great american senator can possibly muster in the marbled halls of that great capitol of the most democratic nation in the world - on behalf of an ignorant and uneducated constituency that he may assume that we all are.

That Inouye and Akaka intend to "gut" our Kingdom and its government by transforming it into a dependent "Native Hawaiian Government Entity of the United States" - then "stealing" (for the second time) our so-called "ceded" lands to be "held in trust," with some of the stolen "spoils" probably being handed to the "state-birthed agency" - 0HA - in apparent appeasment, while the feds and state retain all of the best of the lands in a supreme legislative "quiet title" action - leaves me aghast.

That many Hawaiians - sweet-talked by trustees (of 0HA) with their unlimited budgets and public relations, thinking of themselves as the "gift of the gods and goddesses" as they affirm the glib words of the great senator - will believe all of this "hash" - hook, line and sinker.

Let us not be like the Indians who gave up any claims that they may have had in Manhattan for a few colorful beads and trinkets (of glib and empty words).

As a Hawaiian National and forever true to the Kingdom - it is sad to see these eloquent, but empty, words be swallowed by my "racial" brothers and sisters, in their "political" naivete. (Sorry if this may sound condescending, it isn't intended to be.)

May our "'Akua" and separate "'Aumakua" help us and our Nation.


>Kamaunu Kahaialii wrote:

> On Thursday, February 25, 2003 a hearing before the Committee On Indian Affairs was convened during the 108th Congress. It was at that hearing that Senator Inouye made a very important statement, part of which reads as follows;
> This measure, S. 344, was introduced by Senator Daniel Akaka on February 12, 2003, and was referred to this committee. It is my honor to serve as an original cosponsor
> of this measure. [Text of S. 344 follows:]
> Before I call upon members of this committee, I would like to remind those present here today, and those who are watching this hearing, of the historical
> events that have brought us here today. On January 17, 1893, the Government of Hawaii was overthrown with the assistance and direct involvement of the U.S. minister,
> who authorized U.S. Marine troops to assist in the overthrow of a stable government. Prior to the overthrow, that government enjoyed international recognition from countries around the world and carried on treaty relationships with Great Britain and France. One hundred years later, the U.S. Government approved a resolution now known as the "Apology Resolution,'' in which the United States formally extended an apology to the Native Hawaiian people for America's role in the overthrow of the government.
> We are here this morning to consider a measure that would restore the government that represented the Native people of Hawaii to its rightful status among domestic sovereigns of the United States, in the same manner that other governments representing the Native peoples of the United States are recognized by the Federal Government.
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> I leave this statement above, with you to consider, contemplate, ponder and share with others. So, according to Senator Inouye, it sounds as if the Akaka Bill is a "measure that would restore the government that represented the native people?
> Kamaunu
At 8:02am on May 16, 2008, ku ching said…
Their "Plan" is to build more telescopes! Mine is to stop them!

While the process describes here - paid for by your taxpayers dollars through the university of hawai'i system, and its agency, Institute for Astronomy - looks like an honest attempt to get the public to give their mana'o - it is really another attempt to build more telescopes on the mountain.

Interestingly, as the "summit" area is filling or filled - the "big" push is to build the "30 meter" telescope that will fill 36 acres - a parcel of land that is not available on the summit - or if it were - would need the leveling of many pu'u. The site for this scope is being planned for a pristine area (no present telescopes and no infrastructure) of the mountain. Such a project would require new roads into presently "roadless" areas, new power lines that will criss-cross the mountain (and be a further drain on Hawai'i island electric capacity - which means possible increased rates for everyone) and a new incursion into a new "level" of the mountain - where many burials are known and expected.

While burials at the summit aren't normally expected because it was "the realm of the gods and goddesses" and very kapu, many burials are expected at lower levels - as "they" (the astronomers) are now planning to encroach upon the "realm of the Kanaka" (the people).

While the "recent" NASA EIS concluded that "from a cumulative perspective, the impact of past, present, and reasonably foreseeable future activities on cultural and biological resources is substantial, adverse and significant," this process is another attempt to build more telescopes on the mountain.


Posted on: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Management plan urged to educate Mauna Kea visitors

By Kevin Dayton
Advertiser Big Island Bureau

HILO, Hawai'i — Big Island residents urged planners to find ways to teach visitors to Mauna Kea about the deep religious meaning and environmental importance of the mountain before they allow people into the area.

Others at a meeting on plans for a comprehensive management plan for Mauna Kea urged an end to new astronomy development on the mountain.

"When is enough enough?" asked former Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee Moanikeala Akaka. She and others pointed out the new plan is being prepared while other planners and scientists lay the groundwork for two major new astronomy projects proposed for the mountain.

"We're supposed to close our eyes and allow this process to continue while they're talking about bigger and bigger up there?" Akaka said.

Pablo McLoud, who worked as a ranger on the mountain for more than five years, said public education is the most urgently needed fix.

"I saw a lot of behavior on the mountain that was inappropriate and offensive, and most of that behavior was based on ignorance where people were not aware of the sacredness of the mountain, the beauty of the mountain and the precious resources that it holds," he said.

McLoud, who now works for Subaru Telescope, said the problem for the rangers was "we can only catch one family, one person, one group at a time." He said a more systematic and organized educational effort is needed.

The move to draft the comprehensive management plan was prompted by Hilo Circuit Court Judge Glenn Hara, who in January 2007 ruled the state could not allow any additional development on Mauna Kea until a comprehensive plan is drafted and approved by the state Board of Land and Natural Resources.
summit seen as sacred

In the same court decision, Hara overturned a conservation district use permit issued by the land board to allow construction of the so-called "Outriggers" telescopes in an array around the existing W.M. Keck Observatory.

NASA later canceled funding for the $50 million Outrigger project, and it was never built.

The 13,796-foot summit of Mauna Kea is considered sacred to Hawaiians, and is home to rare plant and insect species. But it is also widely regarded as the best location for astronomy in the world.

There is considerable pressure for continued development of astronomy facilities on the summit.

The University of Hawai'i Institute for Astronomy wants to remove an existing 88-inch UH telescope and replace it with Pan-STARRS, which would be a robotically operated telescope designed to rapidly scan and photograph the night sky to detect asteroids or comets that could threaten Earth.

Planners are working on a federal environmental impact statement for the $100 million project, which is being funded by the Air Force. Pan-STARRS stands for Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System.

Mauna Kea is also being considered as a possible site for the Thirty Meter Telescope, a much larger instrument that would be the latest-generation telescope.

Dawn Chang, principal of Ku'iwalu, the consultant working on the project, said a review of public testimony shows there is concern about degradation of the summit area because of the volume of traffic and visitors.

She raised the possibility that access to the mountain should be somehow limited, possibly by establishing a shuttle service to limit the number of rental cars.

Arthur Hoke, a former member of the Mauna Kea Management Board, agreed. "I'm not saying that we stop anybody, but we only allow them to access the mountain under our control," Hoke said.
community review

A second round of meetings is planned for this fall to present a draft of the plan for community review and comment. The plan will then be submitted to the Mauna Kea Management Board for its review before advancing to the Board of Land and Natural Resources for final approval.

* * *

Reach Kevin Dayton at kdayton@honoluluadvertiser.com.
At 5:24am on May 13, 2008, ku ching said…
Largest Telescope in the World Proposed for Sacred Summit of Mauna Kea!

In the face of 30 years of community opposition to new development on Mauna Kea, a massive new telescope is again being proposed. This time it is for last pristine plateau on Mauna Kea. The University of Hawai'i's Institute for Astronomy (IFA) is currently negotiating with the University of California to construct a Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) in 2009. This telescope is the largest ever proposed for Mauna Kea, and once constructed, would be the largest telescope on the planet. Nearly all the telescopes now on the summit could fit inside the TMT's dome.

We already know that this massive construction project will have significant, adverse impacts on the extremely sacred and fragile north slope of Mauna Kea. The Summit, including the north slope, is a sacred landscape and burial ground, a vast conservation area, public trust resource, and Hawai'i Island's primary aquifer. The EIS completed by NASA in 2003 concluded the cummulative impact of astronomy development over the last thirty years has resulted in substantial, significant, and adverse impact to the summit's natural and cultural resources. The TMT therefore, will have a single impact equal to thirty years of astronomy development, there is no rational way to "mitigate" or offset such an impact to an already damaged fragile ecosystem and Wahi Kapu.

To facilitate construction of this new telescope, the IFA has hired Ku'iwalu Consulting to draft the "comprehensive master plan" for all of Mauna Kea. Dawn Ching, on behalf of the consulting firm, is contacting community groups and individuals to help her draft the IFA's plan. The IFA hopes to submit their plan to the State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) by
December 2008.

IFA should not be directing the development of the plan for Mauna Kea, even through a consultant:

a.. The IFA and BLNR are both appealing the 3rd Circuit Court decision requiring a comprehensive conservation management plan for the summit. BLNR seeks to have the court overturn its own rules and regulation governing all conservation in Hawai`i including the Mauna Kea's conservation. Can the IFA and BLNR be trusted to do right by the sacred summit, when they are at the same time challenging their obligation to do so under the law?
b.. The IFA has a financial interest in developing the summit, and does not have jurisdiction to develop a comprehensive Management Plan. The 3rd Circuit Court and Hawaii's Supreme Court have already held that it is the responsibility and jurisdiction of BLNR -- NOT the IFA -- to draft and adopt the management plan for the conservation district on the summit of Mauna Kea.
c.. The original 1968 lease for Mauna Kea allowed for the construction of ONE observatory. A 1983 BLNR-initiated Master Plan for the summit limited development to 13 telescopes. Yet, by 1999, IFA had built 24 telescopes and infrastructure for up to 36 telescopes. The IFA's last attempt at a Mauna Kea Management Plan in 2000 allowed a minimum of 40 new telescopes and support structures on the summit, and was REJECTED by the 3rd Circuit Court.
Mauna Kea's significance has been recognized by both the state and federal governments. The entire summmit is designated a conservation district, a National Landmark, and is eligible for listing on the National Historic Register. The purpose of the summit is conservation and water shed protection not development of an astronomical industrial complex.

The UHIFA and UC are seeking to further develop the summit of Mauna Kea, therefore they want a Telescope Development Plan. The court has upheld that a conservaiton plan is what is needed, and Hawai'i's public knows the difference.

What you can do to help the Sacred Summit of Mauna Kea:
First, talk the talk! Tell a friend! Let others know what's going on around the summit, spread the word!
Then, walk the walk! In the next few months, will come the call to action. It will be up to all of us to show our uncompromising support for protecting the sacred summit of Mauna Kea!

To learn more, click here: Message to Supporters from Mauna Kea Anaina Hou. Testimony to BLNR from the plaintiffs.
At 11:09am on May 9, 2008, Hokuokalani said…
I don't really know that much about our sir name, but I believe my father will. I know that my great grandpa was from the island of Kaua'i and there were two brothers for some reason they split and one brother took the name Keawe'ehu and the other brother took the name Kauakahi. Now I believe that I've heard in passing that we branched of from Kukauakhi, but I'm not exactly sure, so when my father gets home from his trip I'll be sure to ask and get back to you with the answer.

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