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At 2:04pm on July 12, 2008, kihapiilani said…
i'm Yolanda's son i invited you as a friend
At 7:06pm on July 7, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Aloha Anakala, Hows the ilio? You so need to bring pics when you come. Call me when you get into town okay. A Hui Ho~ Kuuleinani
At 6:22am on July 2, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Maikai, Jus checking in on you. Happy to hear you had such a great time and Mahalo much for all that you have done. Your so lucky, I need to wait for a little while more before I can add to my keikis. I've wanted to get a dog for a while but right now is not the time for us. Hopefully soon when we get a bigger place. Take care anakala and have a beautiful day~
At 12:07pm on July 1, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Hui~ E'o anakala, Pehea Oe?
At 10:23pm on June 30, 2008, ku ching said…
Huaka'i '08

Hi All,

Well, it must have been a very busy summer - as there were only 2 of us the Huaka'i hike - Kaho'ola and myself.

Fortunately, we had Mike Reitz' and Peggy Luscomb's pickups - as we had to do quite a bit of driving. Thanks Mike and Peggy.

As scheduled - we were able to do 29 miles of Saddle Road - from the intersection of Mauna Kea Access Road and Saddle Road all the way to Hilo Bay. We did it in roughly 10 mile segments on Sat. (6/21), Sun. (6/22) and Mon. (6/23).

This completed another coast-to-coast hike - which is just tremendous.

On Tues. (6/24) - we drove the entire length of Hualalai area. Instead of sleeping there, we slept at Ana Currie's place near Honaunau Elementary.

On Wed. (6/25) and Thurs. (6/26) - we hiked the gap at Ahu a 'Umi over the 2 days. We camped at the state cabin near Ahu a 'Umi on Wed. night.

With the Ahu a 'Umi gap closed - we completed another coast-to-coast connection. This is absolutely awesome.

As for "interior" roads - we only have 3 more to go - the upper road from Saddle Road to Kailua, the Kohala Mountain Road from Waimea to the ocean around Hawi and the road from Honoka'a to Waimea remain. All the other roads and trails are "perimeter" ones.

However, in the future, we will be challenged getting through the so-called Volcanoes Nat'l Park by trail and from Waipi'o Valley to Pololu Valley. It may be easier to cross Volcanoes by road.

Because, we had to get on the road early on Friday (6/27) (to get to Miloli'i to get our ukana to Kapua by boat), we slept at Ana's place on Thursday night.

Thanks Ana for putting us up for 2 nights and allowing us to shower on Sunday on our way from Kapua to the airport to get Kaho'ola on his plane.

We got to Miloli'i around 9:30 a.m. on Friday (6/27) and met Gil Kahele at the wharf to transport our ukana to Kapua. Because there were only 2 of us - we were both able to ride the boat over.

Friday (6/27), Sat. (6/28) and Sun. (8/29) were spent at Kapua - in a very peaceful and relaxing setting. There were no vehicles that passed our camp spot in all that time. And, although there were a few passing boats, in all that time, there was only one boat - with divers - that even came close to our shore. We were favored with lots of quiet - except for the distant, almost unperceptable drone of passing boats, one quite low pass by an Air Force C-124, and a few higher-up planes.

Kaho'ola did quite a bit of exploring around Kapua. I was happy to do maintenance on the old trail going south out of Kapua. At other times, we talked, meditated, watched the ocean, read, hunted for kupe'e and a few opihi, cooked and ate. We did a lot of eating and sleeping - Kaho'ola on Peggy's cot and me in my tent.

There is an additional twist to our camping and spending time at Kapua. Gil Kahele's family have been "native tenants" on that parcel - and we - as his agents are using the place and, by proxy, exercising his rights. In other words, we are helping Gil maintain the exercise of his "native tenant" rights by being his guests at Kapua. It is additionally important - as one of his grandfathers in interred there.

Thanks Gil - for providing your boat for our use and for helping us to help you - on one of the nicest spots on the entire island.

So again - our thanks go to Mike Reitz, Peggy Luscomb, Ana Currie and Gil Kahele - without whom Huaka'i '08 could not have been the success that it was.

Oh, by the way - if there are no objections - our Kapua campout (this being the 5th year that we have gone there) will be a permanent part of our annual Huaka'i itinerary.

So, those of you who missed out this year - better start making plans to join us at the end of June 2009. Just know that we have limited vacancies.

At 9:49am on June 23, 2008, Yolanda Crisostomo said…
Aoha Ku, Just dropping by your page to say "Aloha" to you!

Have A Great Week!

At 8:22pm on June 22, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Aloha E anakala, Jus stopping in to say hello and see how you are doing. I've been very busy lately but its all been so productive its good. Looking forward to some relaxation time soon hope you are doing well, take care and keep in touch. A hui ho, Kuuleinani.
At 5:23pm on June 16, 2008, Momi said…
I have no connection to the garden or any of the events held there but I hope you have a great time...:) Your very welcome for the kauila flowers....I just took that the other day...I'm so amazed at pics of Hawaiian plants. So I've been playing tourist with my cam. It's my lifelong hobby...I would try to hook up with you since you would be a little closer to my house for the event but I have a fam reunion meeting in Puna so I gotta go and fulfill my kuleana. since I'm hosting....but I hope you have a great weekend...
At 10:07pm on June 15, 2008, Momi said…

Hi Uncle Ku,

Just thought I'd grafitti your page with some kauila flowers....Hope you are maika`i...:) Aloha!
At 11:31am on June 12, 2008, Jon Ching said…
Aloha Ku

Sorry for the delay. I have been really busy. Fixing my hale, yard, working, getting ready for my semester in China.

please let me know when you will be home in the Kapahulu house and I can drop by.
At 8:50am on June 12, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Anakala, Fabulous~ as long as you happy its good!! I'm not surprised it was not as painful as you thought though being that its fear itself that manifests the pain and I don't think you carry that rock around as much as you like to portray to do so. LOL~ Umi huh, now I understand where the connections are being that it seemed so natural to meet up with you. I know its beautiful and I've always believed that its the simple things that hold not only truth but power. I'll try to call you today but if I miss you take care and have fun in Kauai~ Kuuleinani Delete Comment
At 12:09am on June 11, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Mahalo for your kind words of wisdom I know my babies would appreciate your thoughts, if they could I have no doubt that they would glue themselves to me..I am lucky though to be loved so and yes I need to soak it all up now while they are still so in love with me. One day they will grow up and its all goin to change but for now I will cherish the moments. As for H, his idea of together time is spent in the bar with a bunch of nutcases, don't get me wrong my grandparents owned bars and unfortunately I was raised in them which is why sitting in a bar is the last thing on my mind when I think of together time. After many years of observing obnoxious behavior and my own thoughts on the bar scene, for me its not together time but rather babysitting / referee time. Exspecially with the kind of crowd he hangs with. Saturday night I was told its a part of their trade, apparently its a part of their job to act like idiots. LOL~ Straight out of the horses mouth not mine...Didn't know what to say to that one I'm just happy I didn't know anyone else in the bar because the same guy who said this followed this statement with five rounds of palu in the middle (even when he was offered a bucket) of the aisle in the middle of the bar and the bar was air conditioned. Guess who ended up being designated driver...Together time to me is quality time spent relaxing and basking in one anothers presence not wasting energy trying to figure out what someone else is going to do to stay one step ahead of everyone else. To me thats a whole bunch of wasted time and energy. I rather use it for good things. Anyways I'm praying let me know if you get any ideas. Take care and keep in touch~ A Hui Ho~ Kuuleinani
At 4:04pm on June 8, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Anakala, Anytime, you got my number I should have gotten yours but its okay. Call me and we'll spend the day. Just give me a heads up. By the way did you get your tatau? Would love to see it I've heard so many wonderful things about Keoni, have never had to oppurtunity to meet him in person yet though. Its all good when its time its time~ Hope you had a wonderful weekend and its a blessing to also have you as my friend also. Take care and A Hui ho~
At 10:34pm on June 6, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Aloha Anakala, I had a wonderful time with you today. Thank you so very much for gracing me with your presence, you are truly a wealth of valuable knowledge and I hope that we will be able to meet up again in the near future. When I got home I had a very interesting conversation with my anake and she shed some light on alot of the information you shared. Within that short time period
a lot about my ohana that I have been looking into was revealed. Thank you so very much for helping me to reconnect. By the way the gentleman who you wanted to take me to visit at the oahu cemetary is my Tutuman. Anake had a interesting story to share with me about him and its very similar in many areas to the story you told me, exspecially the one in regards to the two different names. Call me if you get the chance. A hui ho~
At 7:16pm on June 5, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Sounds great see you tomorrow~
At 1:04pm on June 4, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
E kalamai, which part of Kilauea are you on? Are you on the oppisite side of the freeway towards Leahi or mauka? Im trying to get a visual on your location but its fuzzy. For some reason I keep thinking your near the Kaimuki Business District / Municipal parking lot area. Are you near this area? If so there are so many different foods you can choose from. If you want salads Cafe Bistro is good, then there is Big City Diner love their poke and fried calamari, Kim Chee 2 is good if you want to wobble around after, Verbanos same as Kim Chee 2, there is also 3660 on the rise if thats the kind of thing you like, heard its good but I normally try to avoid places like these, so much to choose from. Believe me you don't want to leave it up to me,LOL, I'm a libra, a rabbit on the crown of a dragon and it takes me a while to make up my mind..although when I do its good but patience is something others need to learn when dealing with me. Ask my husband he knows. Anyways long story short please choose to save us both. My treat okay. I'll leave my number in your message folder. A Hui Ho~
At 12:31pm on June 4, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Between 10th and 9th ave? If thats the case friday might be a good day because I'm out of the office at 12:00 and don't need to be home till about 3:00 to make dinner for the family. Let me see how it goes tomorrow. I work at Palolo Elementary school which is not even five minutes away. Okay I'll keep in touch.~
At 6:39am on June 4, 2008, Kuuleinani said…
Aloha e Anakala, Maikai~ I am somewhat swamped with deadlines for the end of the year to do prior to the summer break for the rest of this week and this weekend is shot but starting next week I will be free. As soon as things settle down I should know when would be a good day. I live right in Palolo so I can stop to get you if you like or meet up with you at some place. I'm thinking more tuesday, monday I have an appointment. Anything in particular you would like to eat?
At 1:53pm on June 3, 2008, Jon Ching said…

give me a call and we can try to set up a meeting time. I am super pa'a hana now days so we will have to use our time wisely.


At 10:23pm on May 27, 2008, david said…
Aloha Uncle

I made a couple of changes to the page, and added a paragraph about how sacred of a site Mauna Kea is.

Aloha David

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