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At 8:11am on April 17, 2010, Lehua said…
Ke mahalo nei ia oe me kou aloha lokomaikai ana mai. E maopopo oe kou nephew Judd McCandless i Maui. Hana ana oia i ka Fire Dept no Lahaina.

At 9:43am on November 23, 2009, Love Kelley said…
Hui. Aloha mai e tuʻu hoa. Pehea me nei kaua? Loʻihi keia aʻole kaua i moʻōlelo hou maluna o ka maolihonua. He manaʻo haʻawi aloha wale no keia ia oe. Iesu pu me oe ame kou ohana. Aloha!
At 6:44am on October 28, 2009, ʻOhukaniʻōhiʻa said…
loaa anei oe i ia pepa na na inoa Hawaii o na meaulu? Hauoli au he mea hoihoi nau!
At 10:28am on October 6, 2009, Kaleo Farias said…
Aloha mai a Eliza,

Is this class available online? When did this class start up? Was it recently?


At 5:46am on August 31, 2009, Kaohi said…
I know what it's like to be a student, and put time in the community. Most times I commit academic suicide because the need is so great and I have an opinion which runs counter to the intent of my instructors.

Thanks for the bird sounds. I am a forest person.

So I am truly not asking for anything more except to realize that people touch our people and don't even step beyond to their needs was my point.

About Kaleikoa Ka'eo, I'm glad to know you are a student of his, it's great to be near the helm. Maui is loosing their sun spirituality to scientist as we speak because of their deals. I don't trust Mauians and their political play, nothing personal just lacking in political power, or understanding of policy mayhem.

I am greatful for ones scarry ferry win win.

You did not mention what or who you were with when you came to Waianae. If this is confidential I can understand and have no problem with it. But can you tell me the area that you stopped in.

As for Waianae and me myself, pretty much there isn't anything that goes on that I don't know about. I was not the leader in the front line because I'm from Koolaupoko, although I've had a residence here since 1984.

I have been involve with Hawaiian activisim since 1974, and pretty much know a lot that had gone on since then.

I work during the day teaching and I work at night teachig drop our students. Much of my time is thinking how to bring Waianae on to the 'thinking process' which they can do quite well when given the opportunity.

I stronly believe now a days, that they should lead themselves, and my role is to transition there needs to that 'paradigm' shift' to a level of their choice.

The co-dependency, I believe is their problem that 'messiah' thing. As we hang in the balance of justice for that coming, we loose our freedom to think. So, I feel that independence is imperative at this time regardless of what social-economic level ones at. And, much of Waianae Kanaka Maoli are on the beaches in homeless dens.

My take on our homeless, most people think that our homeless is because of poverty true. However, what (including homeless) don't get that they are Maoli, and their deep nature when in basic need, their nature is to go to the edge of the the shores. In Modern times when they get there, they don't know what to do. Our spirituality is almost nile, however, I can see it in their eyes.

So it takes 'transfere of language' of all kinds to understand and connect. I don't use standard American English nor do I care to learn Hawaiian language from L2's. because which pisses me off, I am expected to divorce myself from first langage speakers.

So, I get pretty cranky with scholarly people. I could not spend time and energy arguing agains the entire 200 years of anthro, arguing the years of language L2's and their stupid needs at UH Manoa, so I fail with Hawaiian Studies people each time I'm around them since 1987.

It is much easier for me to be with my people using standard English...cause I work faster to meet basic needs which, in fact, transpirers to 'selling out'. So, keeping a balance sometimes makes me too cranky.

If you have been to Waianae did you go to the end of Waianae and see our people at Ke'aus? If not next time travel to the end of the road.

I can be reached at 554-2473 or 696-2744 Luwella K Leonardi I need to get to work, so call me should you return to Waianae.

Can you get a group of women and talk among yourselves about "Hawaiian Sexuality"? What I want to hear is the old kupuna and see how they have kept themselves healthy, or not. If, so what happen over the years. Plan Parenthood doesn't apply although they have a stronger voice.

Hawaiian sexuality and because we were the first abortion fake state, in 1972 since than Maoli women's health have declined rapidly. kaohi
At 1:05am on August 27, 2009, Kaleo Farias said…
Mahalo Plenty Eliza for the heads up about the website. Could you add me as a friend.

At 3:49pm on February 20, 2009, Pono Kealoha said…
Mahalo for ur friendship ,please have an excellent weekend.

At 10:06pm on February 16, 2009, HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE said…
I don't believe I'm blood related to Hui 'Ohana singers...that was never brought up in 'ohana conversation but I'm not the genealogist in the family so I won't say yes or no...but we love their music. In our home, we always had live music at our pa'ina. The last group that played a lot at our home was a trio: Boonda, Tony & Sonny (Elmer LIm JR, slack key artist). They played at my parents house alot here at home on the weekend for whatever kind of pa'ina my parents had. Birthday, "Just Because", My welcome back or going away party when I visited home from college, etc. Sonny's parents home is only 4 houses away and my father's mother's side of the family (Kupuka'a) hanai'd their father and his little brother Kimo who is also passed from that tragic helicopter accident here on the Kohala Coast a long time ago. After 1988 with my father's passing we didn't have any more music parties - my father and his presence then changed everything...I miss him and realize now that moments like that in life is something to cherish...you don't realize how much of an impact it has on your life until you don't have it in your life anymore...and then we all move on and start families of our own...SMILE. These days with DUI's and liability issues...hard to have pa'ina like we used to have at our home...people these days sue your butt - but my dad...no one would do that to Bernard...he was a guy that was a friend to all and give you his last shirt off his back. Long ago are the days when people fell asleep in their cars instead of driving off in their cars if they had too much to drink...SMILE.
At 11:13am on February 14, 2009, Pono Kealoha said…
At 1:37am on February 13, 2009, HALE O KEAWE-A-HEULU aka: NAIHE said…
Welcome to Maoliworld....I would like to know where did you receive your prayer flags from? They are very long and the wider than the norm. I have only come across the shorter lengths and would like the longer versions...can you help? MAHALO!
At 3:23pm on February 11, 2009, ʻOhukaniʻōhiʻa said…
Aloha e Eliza. Mai na hoa ma ka USGS Biological Resources Division na kani o na manu. Hiki ia oe ke kii i kela mp3 a kau i kou aoao ina makemake.
At 12:02pm on February 11, 2009, Robert Ebanez said…
I'm doing great...thank you....I hope you find people you can connect with on this site...

Have a good week
Bobby E
At 10:37am on February 11, 2009, Robert Ebanez said…
Aloha Eliza

Welcome to Maoli World....How is Maui today? Sunny?

take care and have a good week

At 11:44pm on February 10, 2009, Pono Kealoha said…

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