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At 4:46am on July 27, 2009, Kililani said…

And den Stranjah~
So how things been for you? Well haven't been on in like over a month or something like that... Well had a hard time sleep because was drinking Red~Bull and can't sleep so thought of making my rounds and checking in with everyone that I can before I go to work! Well hope all is G with you... Take care and have a good one!!!


At 12:05am on June 22, 2009, Darrell K. Pakele said…
Mahalo for the info! Sorry about your cousin... I sorry I live in Connecticut and I only come home every other year or so.. If later you get a Video out I would love to check it out... Other then that Mahalo!
At 11:51pm on June 21, 2009, Darrell K. Pakele said…
Aloha Brah!
I trying to rememba a braddah his name is Wade and I used to hear about that braddah back in High school but I neva got to know him real well only by seeing him around...If that is you I would like to ask you if you have any Ha'a Koa classes in March the last week... I coming home to ref in the Haili tournament and I wouldn't mind sitting in and watching the Ha'a Koa? Just let me know of any info... You can also reach me on Facebook.com...

Darrell K. Pakele
At 6:42pm on June 4, 2009, Kililani said…

Well just thought of saying hello! Haven't been on in awhile and see that the last time that I typed to you was May 15th.... So how things been treating you? Me, can't believe that SUMMER is here and the kids are out of sku!! What to do?!? Well have a good one and hear from you later...
At 11:33am on May 15, 2009, Kililani said…

Hey friend! So how you been lately? Well, me just taking care of the kids and of myself.... Kids are going with their father this weekend, and that gives me time to myself and that is nice once in awhile! Well just wanted to tell you to have a wonderful weekend and hear from you later!
At 6:00pm on May 5, 2009, Kililani said…

HaPpY bOyS dAy.....
At 1:49pm on April 28, 2009, AIKS@MooleloDesignz.com said…
Aloha, kalamai I didn't come on here 4 ever and my email didn't inform me of your comment.
But i think the cost was covered, um Ikaika Hussey@gmail started it and the funds were raised, I'm not sure of the current financial status you can email him if you want to ask him any mana'o hes very freindly, e kalamai 4 the late response.

Aloha my braddah.
At 4:22pm on April 21, 2009, Kililani said…

Well I went to the Merrie Monarch during the opening night with my family and mom and dad! Well I didn't go to the Parade though, was a little hangin' that morning! My kiddies went with their father and their Aunty Mommy.... And so did my parents! My parents came home with alot of stuff from the Arts and Crafts fair that day. Onolicious!!! Well hope that you have a great week other than the VOG... We BIG Islanders are never satisfied with the weather huh?!? RAIN* DROUGHT* and VOG. What can possibly go wrong??? Well make the best out of it. Hear from you later!
At 12:30pm on April 10, 2009, Kililani said…

Howzit Pua~

Well just thought of sending you a little something early for the Easter weekend!!! I never want to be late so here I am now... So how things are going for you?!? Me, all good! Well have a great weekend, and I know the rain will not go away thinking it is the Merrie Monarch right around the cornor. Have a good one and hear from you later!
At 11:49pm on March 18, 2009, Kililani said…

So how was the week been treating you? Well mines was swell. Had to take care of this Pua'a having keiki's and this was her first set of litter and she couldn't handle it so they all 3 died. I was kinda heart broken because this was the first little that she had and she didn't know what to do with them. She was stepping all over them and the father and the unko didn't know what was going on... Too bad!!! But other than that things was all "G"... Thinkin' I am going to slow down on the drinkin'..... I drink on the weekend and I party harty totally!!! Well hope things are flying fine with you... One day I will see you in this little town on ours. If you do see me, please come up to me and represent! AURYTE
At 6:35pm on March 9, 2009, Kililani said…

Hey Pua~
Just thought of stopping by and say hello! Haven't been on the computer for like days already. Been too busy working and getting over with this cold! I am so over the rain already.... Need some sunshine! Well have a great week and hear from you later!

At 12:20am on March 9, 2009, Ipolani Vaughan said…
Welina mai a Kiora täua e Pua...'Ae, He Kumu 'Ölelo Hawai'i nö au...I teach a new method of olelo hawai'i which comes out of Aotearoa...My Kaiako (Kumu) just returned home to Wellington..She has been on a 7 week "huaka'i",..From Huahine to Rapanui, back home to Aotearoa and then spent 3 weeks here in the islands,.. This "New Method" is called Te Ataarangi in Aotearoa and is based on the "Silent Way" which is used in American Sign Language. Manipulatives are used to teach language...This is so new here in Hawai'i and there are only 4 teachers in the entire state! I teach 6 days a week. Kamana'o is my first cousin (our mother's are sisters)...What is your occupation and your hobbies? My passion is hawaiian crafts....I am a lauhala weaver and Ni'ihau lei maker, hula implement maker and carve my own 'ohe kapala. I am also an avid reader and enjoy researching mo'olelo and mo'okü'auhau.
My 'Ohana hails from Kïpahulu, Hana and Kalihiwai, Kaua'i. Pua, I hope that you will one day give yourself a gift and join an 'olelo hawai'i class--It will open so many new doors and how empowering to be able to do your haka and understand the underlying kaona to the time honored oli that gives strength to the Koa.E kala mai.. I am overstepping my bounds...Ah, in Ke Akua's good time, ea! E mälama a i ka manawa küpono...Na'u nö...Ipolani
At 12:25pm on March 8, 2009, Paora Tangaroa said…
Tena koe Pua!
Ae bro we have a Tino rangatira tanga site wea u can keep up with wotz goin on in Aotearoa I think itz at YAHOO its Maori sovereignty solid, I'll hook you up with more chur bra!
Mauri ora Paora
At 1:03pm on March 2, 2009, Ipolani Vaughan said…
Welina mai käua e Pua..Ia'u i 'ike ai i kou ki'i, ua maopopo ia'u..He koa lua paha 'oe, a'ole anei? I am familiar with some of ther Pä Lua as as 'Olohe Mitchel Eli is in my hawaiian lauguage class and my cousin Kamana'o Crabbe has been involved with lua also. I've also met Nakulu from the Kaua'i Pä...Are you from the Big Island and involved in any hawaiian language activities or are you involved with a particular Pä Lua there on Hawai'i?....E leka uila mai ia'u, ke hiki..Iesu Pü....Ipolani
At 9:37pm on February 23, 2009, Makana said…
At 8:29am on February 23, 2009, Kukahili said…
Aloha Pua,,
Mahalo Nui for the add. e Ola i Na Koa o Hawaii nei.
me ka ha'aha'a
Loko a me 'Ihilani
At 8:16pm on February 22, 2009, Jo said…
Kiaora Pua,

Ae there is: www.bebo.com is one where lots are networking and believe it or not Facebook is another place. There is also Indigenous Artists which is for all indigenous people around the world. This is another network on Ning. Hope that helps Pua!

Jo :-)

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