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At 11:07am on February 21, 2010, Noe'Lani said…
Finally...figured to send you, your Ho'okupu! Lokelani is one of two pualani's
I enjoy having. Mele Mele full of Grace, Lokelani is with us! Loving You, Forever! Your
Loving Tutu Wahine:Noe'lani.
At 11:04am on February 21, 2010, Noe'Lani gave makayla mASON a gift
At 3:35pm on January 7, 2010, Noe'Lani said…
Houoli Makahiki Hou! Keawe,
"Your, Tutu Wahine Loves you! More than ever! Mahalo A Nui Loa for your GIFT of PUA. I, will
need to learn how to send you, a gift, too, from Maoli World. We, will be sending
off some "ULA ULA ILI ILI'S" from Maunaloa Mountain, very soon. Loving You, FOREVER! Your Tutu
At 2:37pm on November 24, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! "Keawe,"

I did, finally...p/u Kaohe! I AM very happy to wait for him, because he had to do his chores
first, before my picking him up, in Honoka'a. Every Wednesday(s) he has to do his routine
with Tracy. I did, enjoy being with him, even tho' at times, it seems tolerating with his
unique language habits? He, requested to stay over with Kaulana and the Ohana, which...
we did. At the site, when we met up with Kaulana, she already had some of her girlfriends
over, having to maka hiamoe. Kaohe did enjoy himself, as usual when he has the chance
to break away from his usual routine. He had wanted to go to the beach on a Makaninui day
and, I wasn't about to go out into the whipping wind to accommodate his outing request!
But, the following day, (Sunday) I took him, to Spencer Park because "Biggy's" daughter
held a Aloha La Hanau. When we arrived, Kaohe wanted to go right to the beach. I told him
we needed to "mea ai" first and then, go and swim. Whiled we were there, someone blessed us
with UKUpaila kaukau and, I shared the kaukau with Aunty Jerry folks, along with the spices
Kaohe wanted to take along with him. I did, buy him, some "goodies" which he was happy with!
Your Dad, did come to the Spencer Park with his Ohana and, I went to Kona and, enjoyed a
movies. That movies to me, was "sad," because it reminded me of "someone" special. Uncle
Mike Duda, was in the movies, too. I did, call you up the previous week to letting you know, that
Kaehukai and his friends, did their first concert. I did, receive a copy of the CD and, someday folks too, can enjoy the concert to be viewed. Right now, I am typing this mana'o in
Ka'u, On Mokupuni O'Keawe. Loving You, Forever!Your Tutu-Wahine:Noe'Lani.
At 1:50pm on November 14, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! "Keawe"

Pehea Oe? Tutu Wahine hopes that all is with abundance of joy and happiness with all of you!
As for me, I have been very very busy doing the usual court-stuff and, recently I became
an "anchor woman" on "" in Hilo, On Owhyhee, Mokupuni O' Keawe.
I AM, keeping busy too, with myself with many different from JAPAN. They are wiling to teach
and, in return, I teach them the Hula , Ukulele lessons ame MeleNui: With Much Aloha AlohaNui
Your Loving Tutu Wahine named: Noe'Lani. Pule Ka Kou I Ka Pule Nui!
At 6:27pm on October 30, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
CONGRATULATIONS! Keaweohalenamahanahoapilimelekealohamahoepuleahukekelaokalani
kameaaloha kaleleonalanimahealainoelani,

WoW! Tutu Wahine Noe'Lani tried to use ONE BREATH to say your INOA.
I pray, I can continue to say your INOA in ONE HA. Loving You!
Note: I haven't heard from you folks for so....long. Wow!
What happened to your A-L-O-HA NESS??? Are u
folks getting too WESTERNIZED??? Ha! Ha! Ha.
Loving You, Forever: YOUR Tutu Wahine Noe'Lani.
At 6:58am on October 19, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! Keawe

Presenting Question? How come, you don't have any music on your Maoliworld
Music section? By suggestion, why don't you begin to input some of the mele(s)
you have in your possession. Music is loving to the ears! Ha! HA. Your, Loving
Tutu Wahine: Noe'Lani.
At 7:48am on October 3, 2009, Noe'Lani said…

How come, you haven't put any MELE(S) on to your Music chapter, on Maoliworld?
Aloha I Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi, Your Tutu Wahine named: Noe'Lani.
At 7:46am on October 3, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! Keawe,

It is so Mai'ka'iNui to kokua other Ohana's with their "court" cases. I AM, always blessed to seek ye first the Kingdom of AKUA! Pule Ka Kou I Ke Pule. I AM looking forward
for the soon to be blessings of AKUA. May all of you, return back to Owhyee, very
soon. Things do happen for a reason, there is a time and a season for all of
our Ohana to re-unite as ONE-Ekahi! Loving You, Forever: Your Tutu Wahine:Noe'Lani.
At 7:44am on September 17, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! Keawe

Can you please check my Music listings. What happened to ALL of the music that were
left on it? How did it disappear, on my end of the world? Loving You! Tutu Wahine
At 7:15am on September 17, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! Keawe

It is great news to anticipate your return with your Brother, back to Owhyhee!

I AM Po'mai'kaiNui! We are doing just fine, I did return back on state to dance professional Hula dancing, I did, return back to the eyes of Modeling, again. I, did return back to do semi-singing and, I sang in the front of Steve Kindler. He gave
me, a real professional comment as though, I needing to spend more time in the Music World! I, Loving GOD First, everything after. I did, return back to the field of
L..A.W,. (LEARN & WIN). I AM, working towards My goal to become an INTERNATIONAL LAWYER. WITH AKUA ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Loving You, Forever. Tutu Wahine:Noe'Lani.
At 8:59pm on July 27, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! Keawe

I pray, that all is well with you. I AM very Haaheo with you! WITH AKUA'S KUKUINUI. Your Tutu Wahine.
At 2:55pm on July 11, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! Keawe

Pehea Oe? I AM, happy to write to you! Pray that all is well. Tutu Wahine.
At 12:02pm on June 27, 2009, Noe'Lani said…
Aloha Mai! Makayla:

I am so very HAUOLINUI, you, decided to join up with Maoliworld! This
web-site will help you to keep you in tune with the Kanaka Maoli World.
Aloha I Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi, "Noe'Lani.

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