be the creature
chasing the dream
keep yourself respect
talk about a bird's view
now lasts even longer
it's different for people
there is a remote possibility
going the distance
make a dream come true
by the light of the moon
stay on the course by using lunar charting
within your reach
i'm listening
the maps lie inside us.

winds of change...
shape and shadow
taking humans to the limite
a new lease on life.

senusal. moving. old age themes.
in perfect harmony
nowhere else to go
coming attractions

eye on infinity
it just keeps getting better.
oceans of star light
the deep end
echo of light
clearing skies
new beginnings

update on ancient knowledge

full stream
lift off

way of the rainbow warrior
it could be a hundred years
history first takes notice
the real life image
double identity
now adays, the spirit.

– dail'aadnii

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