In every culture, there seems to be a connection to one's own identity with few particular similarities and a whole lot of differences. I am accustomed to a wide varieties of cultures, languages, application of what our kupuna hold dear, the preservation of being a part of Polynesia, as well as co-exsisting with the world. Recently, I have stumbled upon an article that question the authorities conduct and reasoning for their in-appropriate behavior. A game of football, now remember, this is FOOTBALL. AMERICAN BORN, AMERICAN MADE, AND RULES THAT ARE AMERICAN. This game is not just a game, it is competition at its most PRIMAL pace. Whether you play midgit to professional and all in between, FOOTBALL is a GLADIATOR performing in a STADIUM. (history buffs, How's those Romans?) It is brutal, dangerous, and it could change your life for the good or bad. Now let's take a journey to when war was a common way of life here in Hawaii nei. There was not only physical battles amongst combatants but "battles of the wit" was very much part of this kind of engagement. It started with the physcological battle and the point I'm getting too is, the HAKA, called in most portions of Polynesia, is a strategic move that is understood thru out Polynesia. It is designed to frighten their enemies so that they may have the advantage when the physical battle begins. In comparison to this article, these officers of the law had taken away what is a Constitutional Right that they have sworn to uphold, protect, and abide. I believe that if you cannot dance with the stars, get the hell out  and educate yourself about others because the world doesn't revolve only around you. Ignorance is not an excuse or is this the type of hospitality that we can expect? Would you like to dance?  



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