Why can t white cement be used to pave mosaics

All kinds of mosaics have become the new favorite in young people's home decoration, but white cement can not be used in the process of home decoration. Why? Why can only use glass horse glue to paste mosaic? Today, let's talk about the specific reasons.

The primary component of white cement is calcium carbonate. When calcium carbonate is mixed with water, it can produce chemical substances rich in acid or alkali, which can see here easily react with metal compounds. However, most glass mosaics are rich in metal compounds, especially gold foil, mirror and electroplating glass mosaics, which are particularly sensitive to pH because they are not melted at high temperature, The color layer and the glass layer are combined by glue, but the use of white cement mosaic paste and its easy commodity oxidation black. Therefore, only neutral binder can be used to paste and fill the seams, which can protect the durability of the use of mosaic very well.

in the market, there are few real special adhesives for mosaic. With the vigorous development of mosaic industry, all kinds of materials are increasing, and the use environment is becoming more and more extensive, which makes the subsequent construction of mosaic more and more complicated. In particular, the most widely used and simplest glass mosaic, such as gold foil, mirror surface, electroplating, grease clip and cold here spray, is the most widely used and simplest glass mosaic. The requirements of such products for adhesives and caulking agents are double high. If it is not selected properly, it will simply lead to oxidation changes. Therefore, it is increasingly important to select a reliable mosaic paving accessories brand.

In fact, after mosaic paving construction, the question of oxidation discoloration is closely related to the use of bonding materials. Most families nowWhite cement mosaic is still used for decoration. White glass mosaic tile cement, as the primary bonding material, has played a very important role in the past for a long time. However, with the rapid development of mosaic products, the traditional construction of cement bonding also presents various disadvantages. Gold foil, mirror, cold spray, electroplating and other mosaic construction are most afraid of alkaline environment, and will turn black and other oxidation phenomena in alkaline environment. Therefore, alkaline binder or white cement can not be used for construction of such products. Also need to pay attention to the use of white latex, glass glue and other chemical liquid adhesives. Many of these binders are acidic, of course, some are neutral. Some even have exothermic reactions in the bonding process. Acidic environment also has an appropriate effect on such mosaics. Therefore, according to the variety of mosaic, it is the best to select the click appropriate bonding data.

Now, the common adhesive material used to paste mosaics on the market is glass horse glue. Many people don't know much about it.

what is boma gum?
Br > it can be used to paste the glass and paste the glass with alkali paste.

Both the ordinary and reinforced types are suitable for conventional series of mosaics, while the reinforced type is more effective for pasting and caulking high-grade mosaic such as gold foil series.

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