The light metering system of the camera is based on 18% pool mosaics miami gray. Whether the scene is black or white, the machine light system makes the scene appear 18% gray on the negative through exposure. Most of the time, this will get accurate exposure. But shooting large areas of light and dark scenes is not enough.

When shooting a large area of white, it is necessary to increase 1-2 exposure through exposure compensation.
When shooting a large area of black, it is necessary to reduce 1-2 exposure through exposure compensation.

The main application of exposure compensation is that the reflection photometry of the camera is biased. When shooting white objects, the reflection light received by the camera is strong, so the reflected light of the camera will be stronger, and the data displayed by the camera will be biased. At this time, the exposure compensation value should be appropriately click here increased, otherwise the camera will shoot The object will appear gray and dark due to under exposure, such as when shooting snow scenes. When shooting black objects, on the contrary, the exposure compensation value should be appropriately glass mosaic kitchen reduced. This standard is not specific and should be determined according to the actual situation. If it is pure white and pure black, it is generally + - 3

in brief, it is a large area and 5261 large area of black 4102 color exposure compensation
the general scene is snow 1653 and night
increase the exposure, make the snow whiter
reduce the exposure at dusk, make the sunset more bright

but I think the increase depends on the situation and individual at that time Human experience
in the actual situation, it's better to take more pictures
in any case, it won't be wasted if you take too many pictures, which is one of the advantages of digital cameras over film cameras ~

pure white objects + 1.5 exposure, pure black objects - level 2.

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