What is the real Modern Issues of Hawai’i? A Criminal Thinking Mind…

     Issues Hawai’i is dealing with is GMO’s, Hawaiian men and women who are incarcerated in prison being shipped away from their island home, Hawaiian immersion schools being pushed out of the public school system because it is growing too fast for current education system, military occupation granted by a government that is occupying Hawaiian Kingdom land, the education system having the audacity to to say that we should be using a national education system (Common Core State Standards) because it is working for the rural areas of Wyoming, Separation of Church and State, water rights being taken away because corporations what to sell the natural water aquifer to the farmers and residents of these islands by diverting streams to a private reservoir, Same-Sex marriage laws by legislators who are willing to sell their votes to keep their place at the round table, and these are life issues that have affected the way of life in Hawai’i.

     These are not modern issues, because as the world changes so does language, and life.  It is modern because some bureaucrat decides to put “modern” in front to change our thinking on what is going around us now!  When in fact it is the all the SAME issues Hawai’i has been dealing with since the occupation of the provisional government who imprisoned out sovereign Queen Lili’uokalani.

     I listened to a panel discussion on promoting a Hawai’i state run prison and not by a private corporation and one of the panelist who was incarcerated, a woman, and attending the University of Hawai’i Maui College stated, “that it was difficult for a criminal thinking mind to be retrained from a negative to a positive without re-integration”.  That made me think immediately of the injustice of the world history that led to the our “modern” issues here in Hawai’i.  When you want to find out what is really going on--your instinct is to follow the money, but I believe you should really be following HISTORY!

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