What are the main glass tile kitchen splashback

in addition to the surface effect, we should pay more attention to the selection of mosaic materials when choosing mosaics. Now, there are many kinds of mosaic materials in the ceramic tile market, and the consumers are eyecatching. So, what are the main mosaic materials? Let's talk about the materials of mosaics. Let's have a look at them!

1、 Glass mosaic is one of the most common mosaic materials. It is made of natural minerals and glass powder, which is environmentally safe and stable. It is suitable for long-term water pouring places such as toilets and kitchens. The decorative effect of glass mosaic is various, including transparent, translucent and colored. Glass mosaic is not only glass tile kitchen splashback colorful, but also small and natural, with high plasticity.

2、 Ceramic mosaic of mosaic material

ceramic mosaic, also known as paper stone, is a traditional mosaic. Its small and exquisite, a variety of categories, the use of a very wide range. General ceramic mosaics will be polished and irregular and other old treatment, using the properties of ceramic material itself, showing the effect of antique and eroded by years. The ceramic mosaic has various colors, elegant and simple overall effect. It is suitable for the construction of classical style, and it is one of the high wear-resistant mosaics.

3、 The stone mosaic of mosaic material is the oldest and traditional mosaic. The stone mosaic is made by grinding, inlaying and splicing the stone. Therefore, the stone mosaic material dayHowever, because of the particularity of its craft, it is primitive and simple, among which the most well-known is marble mosaic. Marble mosaic elegant, decorative effect is diverse, there are matte and bright two forms, shape is also diverse. Stone mosaic glass mosaic craft is suitable for the exterior wall of the house. This kind of mosaic is simple and natural, and wear-resistant and beautiful.

4、 Metal mosaic of mosaic material

metal mosaic is a new type of mosaic material. The metal surface is treated by electroplating, chrome plating, polishing, wire drawing, and rolling and engraving processes are carried out at the same time to make the metal mosaic into the required shape and then splicing. Through multiple process treatment, this metal mosaic not only gets rid of the metal material easy to rust, but also has smooth surface, giving people a strong metal color and full texture.

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