Want a quick and easy product to add an element of fun to your scrapbook page? Felt is the perfect answer! Felt is an extremely versatile and cheap scrapbook supply that doesn't require special tools or skills to work with. It's also readily available. In fact, you may have some in your craft stash right now!

Traditional felt is a cloth made from woolen fibers that are matted together and bond into a solid material. Now, you can still purchase wool felt from https://olgafelting.altervista.org fabric stores, typically in large rolls. But even more accessible and inexpensive is artificial felt, which typically includes a percentage of wool blended with polyester. Artificial felt also comes in pre-cut squares that are less than $.50 each at the craft store.

Its low price is only part of felt's appeal. Here are a few of its other benefits:

No ragged ends! When you cut felt, it does not fray, so you don't have to hem any edges.
You can die cut it! You can send it through your favorite die-cut machine, like Sizzix or the Revolution.
It comes in a huge variety of colors, including animal prints and neons.

Convinced yet? In my mind, if something saves me time while I'm scrapbooking, I'm in! Here are some of my favorite ways to use felt:

1. Handmade http://cexixor38801.blog.fc2.com flowers. Die-cut flowers using your favorite die-cut tool, or hand-cut flower shapes with a plain old pair of scissors. You can ink the edges using a pigment ink pad, or add Stickles glitter glue.

2. Butterflies. Butterflies are all the rage right now! You can https://linktr.ee/dryfelting hand-cut butterflies or use a die-cut machine. Use the same approach for embellishing the wings. When adhering to your page, leave the wings free or use dimensional adhesive underneath to give them some "lift."

3. Frames. Use felt to mat or frame your photos, cut in circles, https://olgafelting.altervista.org stars, squares, or any other shape your little heart. To accent the edges, try embroidering with a blanket stitch in a contrasting color to add even more texture and draw attention to your pictures. You can also cut shapes to accent your journaling boxes, or to back other page elements like buttons.

4. Flourishes. I love flourishes of all types, such http://cexixor38801.blog.fc2.com as rub-ons, stamps, and chipboard. So being able to use pre-made felt flourishes, or making my own from my favorite die-cut designs, makes me happy! Large or small, elaborate or simple, flourishes add a great elegant note to your scrapbook pages.

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