The Writ of Possession imposed by the State of Hawaii District Court on behalf of our father's widow, Elenora Arioli has been overturned by the Appellate Court. It was deemed by the Appellate Court that the District Courts had no jurisdiction to rule on our case being that this was not a landlord-tenant situation. Good news as the ruling puts us back into the arena to pursue a case against DLNR for procedure manipulation in assigning our homestead to Elenora Arioli.
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  • And now 7 months later...look what's happened to Palolo...I can't believe they would stoop this do believe it! I hope and pray those responsible for destroying by fire your family's home are caught, prosecuted and jailed ASAP! All of us (your cousins) feel for you, Midge, Holly, Kelly and Niki...we know that Uncle Danny built that house for you guys...his moopuna that he loved so much. May justice be served and swiftly and all the heartbreaking drama with "you know who" ends. Can't understand the heart of someone so disrespectful, greedy and selfish. Love you guys!
  • Aloha kaua.

    I have been following your story closely. Haole kine real estate law is significantly different than Hawaiian Kingdom law but if it was tenants in common then I can understand but with joint tenancy there is a right of survivorship to the person's legal heirs. In this case your father's.

    Your father's widow IMHO should have done the right thing from the beginning and made things pono even if your father did not designate you in his will. Perhaps died intestate without a will but to do that to a CHILD... I wasn't raised to exclude a child from their parent and that is why I side with you folks on the basic human level. *You* do not treat family this way. Especially the child of one's husband. There is something mean about that and very troubling.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and to everyone else who has been injured and/or insulted in some way.

    I kind of know how it feels because some people in my ohana do not do the right thing and/or pono thing for the good of the ENTIRE family whether they agree with it or not... and instead want to be "right." Ultimately though they will face the biggest judge of all (i.e. Ke Akua) on Judgment Day.

    Blessings to you and your ohana.
  • When Dawn Wasson was maced in her face this past Saturday, she knew why and so did I. She went down and paid her taxes. Much more to be learned. She was able to hold a 24 hr locking down of the fence. It was not easy on Dawn, it was a difficult thing for her and her husband, grandchildren to do. There was violence, but our ancestors watching us. Malama Pono Kaohi
  • May 2010 be pono and you and your 'ohana be home in Palolo...
  • It's nice to hear a good news for you and your family. Elenora Arioli, should respect his wishes and it should be to your family. The DLNR should do what is right. Now make DLNR pay for the problem that has put you and your family through everything could had been worked out amongst your family and her. What goes around come around...........Take Care and may god be with you and your family
  • That is happy news and rightfully so. Under Kingdom law, once the child is born; the child inherits the property and becomes the legal owner; unlike U.S. American laws. The bloodline has greater importance; then hanai. Step-child aren't even considered. Keep up the fight and know that my family supports yours in this endeavor.

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