Trying to link Aliki Maoli to Ariki Maori - Linking gods to find origin

Kia Ora, Mahalo, Aloha nui loa...Trying to research and make links with Hawaii in regards to the godheads
with some help in other forums we have made some connections but there are quite a few unknown Ariki
Please feel free to add in.

Pre-Earth Beings:
Io-matua-kore/ ? : God of all things
Whaea-Rikoriko/ ?: God Mother of all thngs

Earth Parents:
Rangi-Nui/ ?: Sky father
Papa-Tu-Anuku/ ?: Earth Mother

Rangi-Nui and Papatuanukus children:

Rongo/ Lono: God of peace and well-being, Sweet Potato, Healing, Medicine
Tangaroa/ Kanaloa: God of Sea, sea inhabitants
Tane Mahuta/Kane: God of forests, Trees, animals (fowl and beasts), humankind
Tumatauenga/ ? : God of war, anger, volcoanos
Tawhirimatea/ ? : God of the winds
Whiro/ ?:God of Evil
Haumietikitike/ ? : God of wild-fruits ie; Taro, Puha
Ruaumoko/ ? : Unborn God who lies within Papatunuku continuously kicking, Earthquakes
Tane-Rore/ ?: God of Love and reproduction

First Humans:

Tane/Kane: First father (male being)

Hine-Ahu-one/ ?: First mother who came from the earth

Hine-nui-te-Po or Hine-Titama/ ?: God of death and the underworld, First born of Tane and Hine Ahuone
Raka / ?: First born son
Ahu/ ?: 2nd born son
Kapiri/ ?: 3rd son (Who Maori descend from

Maori Heaven system: (from top to bottom)

Tane Nui o Rangi tradition:

- Tikitiki-o-Rangi Te tihi o Manono (Top knot of heaven) or Matangireia in Tawhaki tradition
- Nga Rangi-Tuhaha: (Heavens that stand in levels) - supposidly where most humankind will go
*Rangi-Tuhaha where Tane gathered the baskets of Knowledge

- Kaihewa: (Where Tumatauenga and Whiro are) equivalent to hell

Other Prominant names if history:

Tawhaki/ ? : Inventor of weaponry/ battle tactics/ hand to hand combat (multiple strike)
Hine-Papara/ ?: Inventor of kill blows with weapons
Maui/ Maui: Discoverer of new land (Maui discovered; Tuamotu, Rapanui, Tahiti, Rarotonga, Aotearoa

Tiki/ ? : White ancestor who arrived in Tahiti from Eastern lands (Americas)
Maui-Tikitiki-a-Taranga: Man who fished up Aotearoa (supposidly the first discoverer)
Wahiaroa/ Wahieloa: Son of Tawhaki, Hawaiian Hero/king???
~ When Aotearoa was to be populated the sacred (Tapu) work of Io needed to be removed from the land in order for Man to dwell there; NgaPuhi oral history talks of Nukutawhiti travelling to Hawaii from Tahiti to gather the bones of Wahieloa to be used as a counter Tapu. It took Nukutawhiti 3 day to travel from Tahiti to Aotearoa where he burried the bones of Waieloa along the shores of Omapere which is now guarded by the Taniwha (supernatural being) Puhi-moana-ariki or Takauere.

Hawaii-Roa: Discoverer of Hawaiian islands
Maui:Prince of Hawaiian islands
Oahu: Princess of Hawaiian islands
Matariki: Navigator of waka that found Hawaii (Maori named Pleadis after Matariki in remmemberance of him using these stars to find Hawaii)
Te Uruao: Hawaii-Roa's waka

(if you know any traditions and Oral olelo you may want to link up with these olelo please olelo mai)

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