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"The Wrap-Up Magazine" would like to introduce to you the top 5 "Truth" momnets in life presented by the website. "The Truth" is that this all becomes much clearer once you understand that there is a very twisted philosophy behind what we are doing. Check out these post below as "The Wrap-Up Magazine" let you in behind closed doors into their heads.
I do not like the idea of my kid going to public schools. If you are parents who can not afford to send your kids to private schools, then public schools is what you have to settle for. In these day's, public schools is bad for children...MORE (CLICK HERE)
I was never mentored as a child about sex, so I feel this is my opportunity to help the young teens know what is to come. I understand that my folks could have indeed done better with the subject of my body and sex education. It saddens me when I hear ridiculous tales and riddles parents tell their children these days on the matter of sex...MORE (CLICK HERE)
Why%2BKids%2BShould%2BNot%2BUse%2BFacebook.jpg I don't know what has happened to the world and the internet, but something or someone needs to help make a change. With so much nudity and profanity going on, do you really want your kids exposed to this society? When the internet gods created internet, maybe they didn't realize that one day, kids would use Facebook to smother themselves...MORE (CLICK HERE)
The%2BOther%2BSide%2BOf%2BThe%2BSchool%2BSystem.jpg Its sad to say, but there are differnt levels of schools teachings in our system. The upper class and lower class which is such discribed as private or public. Students and teachers from all three schools will showcase their talents through technology...MORE (CLICK HERE)
dont%2Bwork.jpg People say they can't find jobs, but here at "The Wrap-Up Magazine" think thats a lie. Our "Youth" don't belive in working. Conservative Republicans have officially made it their mission to end food stamps as we know them. Is the economy to blame? Or are personal choices at fault?..MORE (CLICK HERE)

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