This kind of common material can be used to make high grade chocolate box

original title: this kind of ordinary material can be used to make high-grade Necklace Gift box
The operation of chocolate box suppliers adding metal handles at both ends of the box introduced by the packaging factory last week is not applicable to all industries. The customization of small packaging boxes such as necklace box, ring box and earring box is not favored by necklace box manufacturers. What are the differences in the general customization of Necklace Gift boxes

The general Necklace Gift box factory will order a batch of sponges, and most of them are black, non high density sponges. Why non high density sponges? In principle, the handle and elasticity of high-density sponges are smoother than ordinary density sponges. The customized effect of the whole Necklace Gift box looks very good, and the grade can be improved by several levels In theory, because the general Necklace needs to pass through the sponge inside the box, it is fixed by the sponge into a luxury packaging boxes company load, and it is responsible for pressing the function of the back half of the necklace, so that when the box is opened, it can be removed from the spongeTwo chains are exposed at the incision of the hanging pendant.

In order to achieve this effect, it is very important to choose black and ordinary sponge. It is true that high-density sponge can make the whole Necklace Gift Box custom-made, and the effect is very high-grade. But don't forget that if the high-density sponge only cuts on it, its relaxation is very tight, which leads to a problem. When taking out the necklace, if the consumer does not know the necklace very well If the necklaces are pulled out when the gift box is customized, it is likely that the metal part at the end of the necklace will be damaged due to the tight cut of the high-density sponge, which will make the whole product very embarrassed. Is the sponge quality too high or the quality of shop now the necklace too poor?

Then the ordinary black sponge has a small advantage, that is, its density is not high. From the surface, it is possible to see the internal structure of the second layer and the third layer. Then, the customized effect of the whole Necklace Gift box will appear more star shining under the effect of light, because there are more contact light surfaces, different angles, and different reflective points. The whole effect may be It will not appear to be particularly high-grade, but it will certainly not be inferior to that of high-density sponge

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