Therapeutic Detox Cleanses Ravaged Bodies

Some people think fasting is just a diet for fanatics or superstars that have to lose weight quickly. The truth of the matter is that we can all benefit from going on a one to three day fast three times a year. A properly adhered to fast for up to three days will cleanse our systems and eliminate toxins. Over twenty-five percent of Americans suffer from chronic heavy-metal toxicity. These heavy-metals build up in our immune systems, brains and kidneys. Symptoms attributed to heavy-metal poisoning are loss of coordination, anemia, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, pain, constipation and tremors.

There are pesticides and chemicals on and in our food, pollutants in our water and air. Our bodies are struggling to stay healthy as the wear and tear of these toxins stress our digestive system, colon, liver and mind. In order to heal our ravaged bodies we have to get rid of the poisons that are creating illness and disease. Therapeutic fasting will definitely improve the quality and length of a person's life.

The key to a successful detox and fasting program is to start out slowly. Caloric intake should be reduced prior to two weeks before starting the fasting program. For instance, go from 2,000 calories to alzheimer’s disease Market size. One day before the diet should consist of raw fruits and vegetables only. Supplementation of high potency multiple vitamin and mineral tablets, extra Vitamin C and fiber should be taken daily to support wellness during the fast.

A fresh organic juice mixed with an equal amount of purified water is a great detox. Drinking 12 ounces of this light juice six times a day (plus added supplementation previously mentioned) is a super detox. In order to insure a healthier fast it is best to start on a weekend when energy can be conserved and extra rest periods can be added to your day. Put on layers of clothing to keep warm because body temperature will drop due to a change in metabolic rate. Reintroduce food in small quantities to prevent taxing the system.

An effective and healthy detox will lead to:

#1. Cellular cleansing

#2. Improved liver function

#3. Increased energy

#4. Healthier sleeping patterns

#5. Reduction in bodily aging

#6. Increased relaxation

#7. Decrease or elimination of allergies

#8. Clear mental state

#9. Increase in creativity

#10. Increase in emotional intelligence

Fasting isn't only for diet fanatics or supermodels, as we detox towards a healthier future we can open our minds and create solutions to purifying our world.

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