John Waihe'e,  might  I  suggest that,  in order to get more Hawaiians to sign up, you folks make an Ali'i Nui Roll besides. 

"The Roll" as it stands now has a maka'ainana face.  
From the three corners of The Polynesian Triangle a single Roll is extremely un- attractive.  Although Christianity unifies Polynesians and levels them at the feet of Sweet Jesus,  the notion persists that there is a noble class.  If there is but one "Roll",  it necessarily must be the commoner Roll.
A maka' ainana feels uncomfortable seeing her name amongst Ali'i Nui names.  This is discouraging.

Likewise, a noble person or Royal person is uncomfortable seeing their name on a list with maka'ainana.  Both an Ali'i Nui Roll and a Maka'ainana Roll would be a lot more suitable.

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