Sichuan beautiful fairy lake It must have a name

We drove our RV to the west of Sichuan Province and met the immortal lake on the Batang Litang highway on the Sichuan Tibet line! Haizishan sister lake! ()

Figure 1: except baseball cap oem for the visit site tranquil lake and sacred snow mountain, there are only us! also!

Figure 2: the sudden appearance of the fairy lake can cure all problems!

Photo 3: Wild Haizi near sister lake, sunny after rain, in this scene, the car is particularly immortal!

Figure 4: aerial photography is required! Video in the collection, Sichuan blockbuster!

Fig5: we camped here for two days, this day was just in a daze!

Photo 67: it's recommended visit to go to West Sichuan in summer. The weather is the most comfortable, the mood is comfortable, the hat is necessary, and the clothes can be worn very fresh! It's better to live a mobile life like us. You don't need to carry heavy load. It's a good experience to explore easily! No matter what way I hope to meet you on the road, I suddenly think of a beautiful girl walking into Tibet! admire!

The best season for road travel is here! Let's go!

Location has been marked, remember to clock out along the track of RV diary! Pick your own scenery! @Life potato @ potato team leader

don't forget to praise + collect + pay attention to take you on the road!

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