"Nike’s nike air max fusion price has never been a slave to convention. Since the late 80s, the visible Air department has been flipping the script to disrupt the status quo. While we may take hybrid designs for granted these days, it was the bubble-bolstered line that pioneered the concept. Thanks to that trademark DNA manipulation, Nike designers now look at the Nike archive as a rich bounty waiting to be harvested. Here’s a look back at some of the more memorable hybrid Air Max models.

This was the original sole swap that triggered Nike’s obsession with genetic engineering. In 1992, the Swoosh set out to update their premier Air Max model by sticking the much-loved Air Max 1 upper above the new nike shoes for women on sale sole unit. Canny enough to know a good thing when they saw it, small quantities of the hybrid Nike were released. Today these shoes are relatively rare, but they can be found if you know where to hunt. Almost from day one, Tinker Hatfield was wise to the art of cross-pollinating Air Max design cues.

Compared to its predecessor, this adidas forum exhibit low boasts a more simple, everyday look. The metallic utility of the buckle is gone entirely, replaced by a more standard leather strap. In these shots, the front part of the latter has been removed, allowing for better visibility of the thick double tongues underneath. Behind, though, the fastener stays intact, proffering both noticeable bulk and a militaristic feel. All of these fixtures as well as the brunt of the paneling adjacent are given a white, almost grey finish that’s complemented by the slightly yellowed midsole underneath.

The shoedarken.com was the first fusion model to really explore the blending of design elements. Rather than just trading parts, the build was informed by the look of the OG Air Max 1 and the cutting-edge tech of the Air Max 93. The upper was a redesigned version of the former, which utilised a more modern style to fit in with the all-round heel bubble, which was donated by the latter. The shoe’s name really hammered the point home with a healthy dose of sass. In 1987, when the first visible Air unit released, people were scared it would burst. Seven years later, the Swoosh wrapped the whole heel without a worry in the world."

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