There is no rule that says you have to have sex in order to have sexual or pleasurable body rubbing. It is still body rub. However, strokes or other methods can be used. Couples use sensual body rubs to share their emotions, and create a pleasant yet sensual environment for their partners. It is not only about the exchange of energy between you and your recipient, but it's also about giving.

Here are some guidelines for spouses and clients who want to do a sensual body rub in LA.


It is essential to understand the current state of the planet. The temperature, humidity, and light can be controlled to create a sensory experience. You should heat the room so that you can do a body rub without clothing or with minimal clothing. You can do the most sensual body rubs without any clothing.


You should wash your hair well and give it a manicure. Attention to your nails and hands. When you rub a woman's skin, it is important to keep her body hair neat. Remember to consider the preferences of the receiver.


Warm baths where the practitioner soaks the client in warm water are a great way for the client to feel the gentle pressure of the body rub.


Begin by covering your partner's or client's buttocks with a towel. Then, gradually take it off as they become more comfortable. Because there is no contact between your client and the provider, the body rub feels more sensual and satisfying.


Before you touch sensitive areas, ask the patient. This will help you gauge how sensuous the body rub is.


Follow the techniques you have been taught. Start with the tension-producing areas. To wash your hands, finish the feet of the person before turning them over. Smooth and continuous movements are important. Your goal should be to move slowly and in controlled movements from one place to another. Always keep your skin close to your partner and in touch with your body. Apply oil or lotion, but not too much. When your hands can move freely over the skin, it is time to stop.


There are many preferences for body rubs in LA. There are many pressure levels that you can use, from mild to medium. You might get a different opinion from the person who is giving the body rub. Ask the receiver how it feels and if it hurts. Soon, you will discover that the receiver is open to sharing your past comments through your next body rub.


Once you feel confident enough, you can start to move onto the more sensitive areas like the inner thighs and behind your knees. Use long, smooth strokes with feathering touches to create a sensuous body massage. To determine if a certain area of your body needs to be touched, use body language.


The client, partner or individual should decide how they want the body rub to end. This body rub is for them. The end should reflect the customer's feelings at that time. A client may feel refreshed if they take a bath before going back to work. Your spouse might be more interested in sensual activities. Your situation and that of your spouse will be different. You should ensure that the receiver feels the body rub.

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