There needs to be a "Coalition" between OHA, DHHL, Kingdom of Hawaii to invest funds into community programs that will "malama our environment" and create jobs for our people in sustainable energy programs. With resources of wind, ocean currents and surf, sun, why aren’t we leaders in sustainable energy?

Why are we not designing Hawaiian homes that honor our environment? We need to be on the forefront of design and sustainability, and create Hawaiian Homes/Properties that are totally “self sufficient” with rain gutters and catchments that will “slow down run off” and collect rainwater for our family gardens, Solar panel roofs that will harvest the suns energy for hot water and wind generators for electricity, Compose toilet systems. These homes can be very beautiful and of the highest quality and leading in technology!

Getting off the grid is the ONLY way we will be independent of the U.S.A who CONTINUES to Oppress us with western conveniences that lure us away from the basics. Hawaiian homes and OHA has the resources to create and build the infrastructures that can be used to generate revenues that will lead Hawaii and its people away from being “dependent”. We (OHA/DHHL/ Hawaiian Kingdom) need to design, build, manage/control our resources; clean water wells, sewage systems, landfill sites, recycling plants, Solar/Wind energy…then we can sell our resources/services to the many resorts that are being built all over the islands!! If we can’t collect the revenues from the taxes that the USA Government steals, lets collect directly from the consumers (resorts, condos, public)
This will create lots jobs in various fields for KANAKA's who are seeking engineering, agriculture, aquatics, marine biology, enviromental, degrees and will open up an entire program in education, business management, etc...I feel its time t o get away from the Visitors Industry, and focus on "Nurturing our Golden Goose"

Denmark for centuries has been harvesting energy from wind and water with their windmills. Its time we look to our cultural history/past and our environment to take us into our future.

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Comment by Noelani Diego-Josselin on August 28, 2009 at 10:39am
Mahalo for your mana'o.
You are right when it comes to "profitability" wood is low cost with a high profit margin, Here on Kaua'i they are building metal frame Hawaiian homes right across the highway from the ocean!! We all know what is going to happen to the metal when the salt air gets a hold of it!

This may sound like a "far fetched idea, but we have the resources right here in the islands for strong, light weight, efficient insulated exterior/interior wall building materials.
Anake Pele have been busy building Islands!! Why don’t we use what she naturally creates to build us homes? Through proper cultural, spiritual and technological protocols, we can create long- term homes from
“cast lava blocks" very similar to that of concrete or CMU. I got this idea from some artist that I saw on TV long time ago who was pouring/ casting hot lava into molds out in the lava fields on the big Island. Cast lava blocks would provide job opportunities and provide a high quality building materials for homes that will be more conducive to Hawaii’s life style. This is no different then the cultural practice of our ancestors who went to the rock quarries for the natural resources to make their tools and stone adze. Homes built with lava blocks will have a life span of 100+ years depending if Anake Pele reclaims it.

The only problem with this would be DLNR who will want to tax this process and come up with all of the laws to stop Hawaiians from accessing OUR natural resources.
Comment by Ululani on August 28, 2009 at 8:03am
Aloha kaua e Noelani.

For the homes thing... there is alot of money to be made by builders who push for woodframe homes so it is all about profitability for some and in my experience "we" cannot change other people's mana'o about that who focus on profitability, I don't want to state this but they do NOT care. However woodframe homes helps to create a cycle of dependendence of Hawaiians due to its high susceptibility to Wood Destroying Organisms (i.e. termites.) So IMHO we need people who give a damn about other Hawaiians and value other Hawaiians over their own pocketbook.

That way... things would be different. Not just with the homes but also with the daily lives of all Hawaiians.

Malama pono, Lana

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