I would like to thank Kaleo for being the first to invite me to be a friend:) I am, or I have been on a spiritual quest for many many years now. My mother was from Maui as well as many of my ancestors. She passed when I was 4 and I was taken to the states to live with my fathers parents. My family's name was/is Napapepae. I have an eerie calling from many male spirits? I am obsessed with finding out who I really am. I am a healer, intuitive and I do not understand what they want me to learn. I ask that anyone who can share stories, befriend me, teach me, help me. I desperately want to learn. I would be forever grateful. I send many blessings to all.

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Comment by Paula Zetz on March 25, 2010 at 5:55pm
My search is coming along beautifully:) I have been befriended by the most amazing people who are very helpful in my searc h for knowing. I have even had someone take my invite to add me as a friend and he is MY FAMILY!!!!! So...It is beautiful. Thank you for asking. I have had the honor of meeting a man named Kaleo who is also blessed me with history knowledge:) You can watch him on hawaiitvblog. Look for him.
Comment by Robert Barker on March 25, 2010 at 6:14am
Aloha, I live in Long bch, saw you were from here. My ex is from Maui. How is your search coming along?

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