reprint the design of Apple protective mask is coming

according to this platform, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States will exceed 500000 as of 8:00 a.m. Beijing time on April 11. Under the severe situation, "Apple Mask" came out.

On April 6, local time, Apple CEO cook shared a video on twitter about Apple's two latest measures to deal with the new coronavirus, and showed off Apple's latest product, Apple's face Sheild)

"our design, engineering, operations and packaging teams are working with suppliers to design, manufacture and transport medical protective masks."

The difference between Apple Mask and common medical mask is not very big, its installation is very simple, it can wholesale candy packaging be completed in two minutes.

it is composed of transparent plastic mask and silicone bandage with adjustable length. The protective film of the mask and forehead bandage should be removed before use.

Users can choose the length according to the actual needs, and align the mask and the two sides of the bandage slot holes.

Then fix the left and right silicone bandages through the slot holes ~

adjust the mask properly after wearing it.

This mask can be cleaned and reused. According to apple, it is safe to use chemicals such as 70% ethanol, 70% isopropanol, 6% bleach and 3% hydrogen peroxide wholesale shoe box suppliers to clean the mask.

Cook said Apple is using the company's strength, including product designers, engineers, operators, packaging teams and suppliers, to design, produce and supply protective masks for healthcare workers. The production capacity reaches 1 million units per week and will continue to be delivered at this rate thereafter. It can be transported horizontally and can hold 100 pieces in a box. The first masks have been delivered to medical staff at Kaiser hospital.

What do you think of the protective mask design released by apple?

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