Public Access to yet another possible Burial Ground Denied!


The Site Inspection scheduled for Thursday-September 24, 2009 by the Maui/Lana`i Island Burial Council will now take place with the Public being denied access by Kula Ridge Mauka Developer, Clayton Nishikawa, Phone: 242-6900, email:

When contacted (September 22nd), Mr. Nishikawa explained he made the decision because the area is a construction site with bulls and cattle roaming freely. He is only allowing access to the Burial Council Members and State Historic Preservation Division (SHPD) staff.

NONETHELESS - The Public is still invited to meet at 10:00am across of Holy Ghost Church and join Kaapuni (Maui’s Torch Bearers) in a peaceful protest to bring awareness to our community of yet another act of desecration to our iwi tupuna.

Bring your passion and signs! Stand up for na tupuna I hala!

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Comment by Kaohi on September 23, 2009 at 6:58am
Stand firm!

Our ancestors will hear you and they will send support, just be open to their will.

Nishikawa made the decision from a science point of view, in this fake (state) booty is used in exchange for labor. So, what are the inventory and where did these ukana go? That's what you have to ask these thieves. Ask him for the bowl, and the poi pounder and the adz too--that he took from the site. All predate the cows, and their hoodlums, therefore it belongs to the rightful owners which are your ancestors and not to the fake state. Kaohi

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