The "authorities" were put in their position to protect and serve the people.  The solutions they have to keep the community safe, are to imprison offenders of various crimes.  This comes with a high cost.  It's not just the price of money that is being put on the line.  How are we benefiting society by simply putting offenders to the side?  Where is the reformation for these people when the time comes for them to return to society?  Prison is not the answer, but it does feed into the corporate America.  Prisons are making money off of our misunderstandings and misguidance.  Education is the answer.  We need to educate our children and provide them with the support and guidance needed to live a life that is pono.  We need to look into the troubled adults and youth of today, and figure out how we can get them back on the right track.  All of the hurt brought upon our people has created a disruption in our lives.  Coping with the hurt leads to wrong choices being made.  But all of this can be corrected.  Let us work together to find the way.

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  • The way is for you to create goals for yourself. The prison idea was an old system that the first Protestants created because they needed to educate people into their spiritual doctrine. But, the promise of a job was supposedly to be at the other end, but the protestants knew there was only a few 'clerical jobs' reserved for their favorites, but of course. The prison idea would bring more bankers to the islands and money transaction. Long story. On the short hand, to well in the career world to help your people.
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