Pacific Integration and What the Army Really Thinks About Native Hawaiians

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Comment by Sheridan Collins on October 30, 2010 at 8:33am
Aloha Kaohi,
You are a traditional woman speaking in nontraditional language. Hope you have chosen your apprentice. Trouble is, you need several from different generations. As they bog down with children (maybe doing it alone) they might lose focus and energy. The invaders will sense this and use it to their advantage.

I do not understand the lack of attention to the importance of the ocean. Maybe the reefs are seen by the military as an obstacle. When I was in college in California, I thought I was trying to figure out how white people think. Really I was trying to figure out exactly the difference between my view of the world and theirs. I assumed everybody saw everything the way I did. When you are 18 years old, who has the insight to know better? Not me. I was already poisoned too, so information was not being processed correctly. I remember being in an Art History class and studying Vermeer. In early 1600s he was painting everything the color of the sea - not from the surface, but from below the top of the reef. Exact shades of colors, distributions of colors and combinations that he never could have seen. I was an open water diver for years and saw it from that perspective. I was dumbfounded by this and could not think of anything else for the rest of the term. Vermeer's knowledge of the colors of the sea was innate - nothing accidental about it. When I looked in my closet and around my house, I saw all the same colors - just like now. I wonder how it is that some people separate themselves so completely from the environment as if it has nothing to do with them. If they succeed in killing the surface of the earth with manufactured poison, bombs, drill bits, etc., they are killing themselves and their children. When the reefs are grey and dead, covered with mutant starfish, it will be too late.

In 2000, Los Alamos National Lab was burned over by a "controlled" burn. There was another fire there a couple of years before too, but I can't remember how that sequence went. At first, there were interviews with firefighters on the news about how the fire was so extremely hot when it went over the storage bunkers or whatever they are. Quickly, there were no more interviews with firefighters. The fire burned the homes down right into town. But not the big fancy homes owned by the "scientists." Heaven forbid if that were to happen. They already have the big fancy freeway going up to the lab, while the rest of us (and the drone local workers) skid around in the ice on potholed two lane roads with 1,000 foot drop offs with no guardrail. Those "scientists" are making fortunes up there inventing destructive forces and making a lot of people sick in the process. Why?

So my current state of the mental process since learning about being purposely poisoned is that for 45 years I have been the same as an oil soaked bird standing on the beach in Louisiana - completely confused, sick and trying to stay alive. No difference whatsoever. There are a lot of rich people down in Santa Fe getting all "spiritual" and building gigantic "green" houses. They are thrilled by Indians. ("Is that a REAL Indian?" No, that's one of the fake ones. ) They all drive gigantic SUVs like Hummers, Mercedes, Lincolns and BMWs. They think they are like God on the ice, crash into everything and the insurance rates are higher than downtown San Francisco. What if you were a Tesuque Pueblo tribal member and your vehicle insurance on your farm pickup was costing $250.00 per month? I do not hear any of the people with too much money raising holy living hell about what is going on in Los Alamos. I see them all jumping on the money making bandwagon promoting their "conscious and green" businesses. They are nuts and have it all backwards. Building moldy, rodent infested strawbale houses and painting them with milk paint is not going to save the earth if poison is raining down, and the earth's surface is so damaged that poison is spewing out. Bankrupting people with insurance rates is incidental and not their concern. It's not bankrupting them-that already happened. It's more like suspending their drivers' licenses, then putting them in jail because they can't work or get groceries without driving. LIKE DEBTORS' PRISON.

I just lost my emergency exit plan in case I lose my housing here. I worked on a ranch in Colorado - a big ranch, I was fixing wire fence around 6,000 acre parts of it and still could not see to the perimeter of the place. I found some EPA letters on the internet last night along with what looked like court documents. The ranch has been in that family for generations. It seems the owner took one of his dozers down to a US Waterways river and dozed out 2,000 linear feet spreading the material out across the surrounding wetlands. That is almost half a mile of destruction. The owner is a smart man. The only thing that could have made him snap like that is if the government harassed him so badly he did not care about a daily fine of $37,000.00. Now they want him to produce an engineering design for a multimillion dollar project including years of professional monitoring, etc. In other words, he lost his temper and now they win. They can get that ranch. My guess is that they were after it from years ago. I also checked up on another rancher I knew who was "chosen" by the Forest Service to work a big ranch in Arizona and fix up the riparian areas that were overgrazed. He had won a lot of environmental prizes for doing that on his own ranch. After he invested a lot of money, Fish and Wildlife came in there and decreased his grazing allotment from 1,300 cows to 143 cows. The Forest Service said that their "hands were tied." Sure they were - right to the coattails of Fish and Wildlife. Four years later, that rancher was dead. Wonder why. I don't feel so bad about that one - they are the ones who tried to steal my horses. They had two 10,000 acre ranches and they stole my horses. Now there are pictures of volunteer idiots from town on the second place "rejuvenating the land" by tearing out all the cross fencing. More "green" work.

How active is the Nature Conservancy in Hawaii? On the mainland, they are buying up big pieces of property, locking all the gates, closing down the roads and sending their executives and big money donaters in for extended hunting holidays.

Am having a disgusted day today. Time for an attitude adjustment.

Good luck, Sheridan
Comment by Kaohi on October 30, 2010 at 5:26am
The article Pacific Intergration is from DMZ Kyle Kajihiro's group web site.
Comment by Kaohi on October 30, 2010 at 5:25am
The military release of isotopes in the air for us to breath is a time honored death sentence!
Comment by Kaohi on October 30, 2010 at 5:23am
My husband was a firefighter and it was horrors for me because I understood 'control' fire more than any citizen in Waianae. It's not my ego talking, I just understood how San Dimas burned in California. As a college student with a computer, understanding of comprehensive weather, and data analysis (3 to 8 minutes) and a little bit of Spectral Reflections from an infrared photo and ground truthing of a forest floor one can generate control burning. I had the best profs and other students form forestry that demonstrated Spatial analysis and planning with CIA software in my classes.

Having said that it is clear that dumming done education inWaianae and citizens organizations are two weak links. My community in Waianae falls prey to Veterans organiztion with an 8(a) status that directs procurement contracts from the Pentagon. The Army core are just 'pattcies' for these procurements settlements benefits. The rule changes are:

Aloha mai kakou!
Mahalo pumehana for making your voice heard on the fast-tracking of changes to the laws protecting forests, reefs, and wahi pana throughout Hawai’i nei. On relatively short notice, nearly 700 individuals and 34 organizations representing thousands more put down their name to tell the Lingle Administration and DLNR, “Hey, not so fast!” on these proposed rollbacks to environmental protections for conservation and coastal lands in Hawai’i.
As you know, the proposed rollbacks affect over 2 million acres of lands, 51% of the “ceded” lands trust, as well as all public trust waters, reefs and ocean in Hawai’i nei.
Now, a new version of the proposed rules has just been released. Thanks to you -- and your attendance at the hearings, your written comments, and your letters to the editor -- we are at least seeing a final draft of the proposed rules with more than six days' notice. (Six days is all that is required!) MAHALO!!!
It looks like the final rules will be heard and voted on by the Land Board in November (either Nov. 12th or 22nd). You can find the final draft of the rules and a general letter from Sam Lemmo here:
We are continuing to analyze this final draft, but on first read, it looks like many of the most dangerous proposals have been taken out. This would not have been possible without so many coming to the table to take collective action in defense of conservation lands in Hawai'i nei.
That said, there is still work to be done! We continue to have serious concerns about some of the rollbacks being proposed and strongly believe that the process for these rule changes has been improperly rushed. It is important that we continue to make our voices heard.
As soon as we know the date and time of the hearing, we’ll let you know.
What can you do in the mean time? Please tell your family and friends about this issue and ask them to click-and-send testimony to the Land Board.
More resources:
- Action Page on the KAHEA website -
- Great piece in the Honolulu Weekly by Rob Parsons - Read "DLNRn't"
- Op-ed in the Star-Advertiser by Jon Osorio and Vicky Holt-Takamine - Read Op-ed
- Fact Sheet:
If you’ve ever been witness to a bulldozer in a wahi pana, or seen a poorly planned and damaging development, you know why these kinds of protections are so important! Please take the time to ask your friends and family to stand with you in defense of our conservation districts. Mahalo for making a difference for Hawai’i nei!
Marti Townsend (and the rest of “us guys” at KAHEA)
Marti Townsend
Program Director
KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance
phone/fax: 877-585-2432 (toll-free)
P.O. Box 37368
Honolulu, HI 96837
E ho'omalu kakou i ka pono, ke 'ano o ka nohona a me ka 'aina mai na kupuna mai
Protecting Native Hawaiian Traditional and Customary Rights and Our Fragile Environment
Comment by Sheridan Collins on October 29, 2010 at 10:31pm
You could ask who is keeping the minutes. Then ask for a hard copy for reference.
Comment by Sheridan Collins on October 29, 2010 at 10:29pm
I read that earlier, but it's complicated to understand what is going on. Just read it again and your post below it. If they burn anything get out of there until the smoke is completely gone. It is not OK to burn toxics to make them disappear. Where does it go and what form is it in? Be careful of the Army Corps of Engineers. They will rubber stamp everything. I am waiting for them to say they can do whatever they want without responsibility because it's a "time of war." Like the dioxin on Kauai. When I was calling around trying to figure out why the Kauai Superfund reports been removed from the EPA website, I sort of accidentally got a woman on the phone at the EPA in San Francisco who was in charge of all of Hawaii. This was an interesting conversation. Why is a Chinese woman from San Francisco in charge of environmental issues in Hawaii. She will communicate very well with some people in Hawaii and not at all with others. I recommended that she do some research on the difference between the Spanish conquistadors and Native concepts of time and space. It's all about priorities. She actually mentioned the mess that was made "at that dump." Must be your place.

I don't see why the contractor's names are not mentionable. It should be in all the minutes of the meeting. I need to figure out the history of DU - right after I finish with Agent Orange. When they have a meeting like that do they distribute a hard copy of the meeting minutes with a chance for anyone to make corrections? Usually the meeting minutes are distributed with a time frame noted for comments and corrections. No response means no problem with what was recorded. It's not about the issue, but accurate documentation about what was said, who said it and what the plan is. If nothing is being written, it's like a waste of time, because later they can say whatever they want. Or claim "misunderstanding."

Now it's 2:00AM again. Sleep.
Will be back tomorrow.
Aloha, Sheridan
Comment by Kaohi on October 29, 2010 at 9:56pm
Aloha Sheridan Collins
Can you read Pono's recent blog posting it's just below yours. If not just go to blog and pull up DU Kim Chee.
Comment by Sheridan Collins on October 29, 2010 at 9:55pm
The whole Disneyland thing is bothering me. It is not appropriate. It's going to be like Pocahontis and other myths - whatever looks good. All those theme parks are the same. Something has to be exploited like those poor killer whales - they kill things THAT'S WHY THEY ARE CALLED KILLER WHALES. If you ever saw them out in the ocean with their 7' fins, you know they are killing machines. When you see all those idiot "trainers" running around the pool, that's what it's going to look like behind the scenes at Hawaii Disneyland. It will be Filipino girls doing Tahitian dances with arrogant haoles running around telling everybody what will be good looking entertainment for people from Iowa. It will have to conform to their notions of what Hawaii is. Now that the real work of the island people has been made illegal, it's like captive entertainers - dance or starve. They will build more giant self contained hotels and the tourists will never even leave the grounds. Why buy the plane ticket?
Comment by Sheridan Collins on October 29, 2010 at 9:42pm
I feel unsettled about a lot of things lately. I have come across the idea that most of this has to do with population control. I can't rule out anything after my recent realizations. What was that fired general doing on the news this morning quacking about the release of all the documents about what is really going on in the Middle East? Talking about how the information could "hurt or injure" troops. I guess hundreds of thousands of dead people in those countries do not matter. Obama needs to take that guy out the way he took out so many over there - and then joked about it.
Comment by Kaohi on October 29, 2010 at 9:01pm
Native Hawaiians are 'political' collateral damage for the military. The citizen genocidal count for Hillary's project must be 100,000 dead, this sounds harsh, but when one slam the numbers to satisfy the Asian Bankers that's not bad numbers when comparing to the loss else where in the world. The question is how do we prevent this disaster from happening? Besides, why attract this kind of attention from the world? At what cost or benefit to whom makes no sense to me? Just a bit of stretch for meaning and understanding. Again, I don't have a theory, but maybe these assumptions of expression. Again, thank you for your participation.

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