January 5th saw the launch of the ‘Play2Earn Arcade’ on the Binance Smart Chain. An exciting new project that has remastered classic Retro Games with a modern crypto twist, and Play2Earn concept. The project is committed to deliver the first retro arcade on the BSC that provides players the opportunity to earn $PA tokens just for playing games!

With four games already live that include a remake of the much loved Pong, an endless shooter and a space invaders inspired game, $PA have just released their first game onto the Google Play app store. The team have listened carefully to their communities input and have produced much loved remakes of games that provide that nostalgic feeling while giving the added incentive to play with the Play2Earn concept.

Game development is all done in house by the team and have already started to develop games for other projects such as £THC The Hex Cauldron and $GM. GameFi With a business model that allows the team to be able to collaborate with other projects it opens up exposure to $PA to a wider audience and brings a potential future revenue stream to the token.

The lead developer is a much trusted leader in the space, who has had previous projects that have achieved over a million in market cap proving a pedigree for success. $PA is a new token that is gaining more and more traction as every day passes which has generated a harcore following of loyal investors, and an exciting community vibe.

Not only is $PA providing their community with the opportunity to earn through playing games, the project also offers passive income through 3% BUSD reflections just for holding the token.

With more games in development and more potential collaborations in the future roadmap, Play2Earn Arcade has an exciting future with untold potential. More than just a memecoin, $PA are striving to build a sustainable ecosystem to reward their holders and set themselves up to be a major player in the P2E crypto space.

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