For my family and friends who like KNOW: I am SO inspired. I cannot begin to describe it.

I don't want to jinx it but.... during the last week great things have happened to me. They have inspired me but I won't write about it LOL

Today my husband and I biked for one hour. Of course in Hawai'i they like us die so biking is nearly impossible.

Well we go to the gym regularly and on the weekends I like to go biking whenever possible. In Hawai'i since they want Hawaiians to die and/or kill each other of course they do not help us with the BASICS like with food and shelter (i.e. housing.) Even though I grew up very indigent and never thought I would see beyond the aina because I was so poor LOL... I have seen alot of places in my lifetime and dayum... NO OFFENSE but what many Hawaiians have IMHO is shanty towns compared to what I have seen. It is a f*cking DISGRACE how they treat HAWAIIANS.

No wonder some local people are ANGRY, BITTER, and/or HATEFUL. So negative too. I already know what is WRONG with the world. Tell me what is RIGHT. Tell me at least ONE THING RIGHT with the world LOL Seriously so as some of y'all already know I tune some negative people OUT. Ironically on BOTH sides of the fence: On one side you have racist f*cks who are racist against Hawaiians. On the other hand you have some racist Hawaiians who are racist against Haole-s and who want to CARVE out the American and/or haole out of the Hawaiian and in doing so they kill the oiwi so to me they are JUST AS BAD.

* I distance myself from some people especially EXTREMISTS who want to kill us and/or our mo'opuna too. IMHO both are just as bad so yes I DISTANCE MYSELF. For example some intellectuals and some so-called intellectuals are getting paid and advocating that Hawai'i be de-militarized. When our mo'opuna die because of their self-righteousness their deaths as collateral damage is on their heads! So yes... I DISTANCE myself from people who will inadvertently HARM Hawaiian children during their self-righteousness trip. Like how they voted for Obama putting a gun to their heads. I do not put much hope and faith in some so-called intellectuals. Sorry but IRONICALLY they are trying to kill us too and/or trying to get us killed LOL

Anyway here are some pics which is what Hawai'i should do for local people. However I am NOT surprised that they do not. With that said today my husband and I rode our bike for one hour and wow... it was not as bad as it sounds LOL

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