On Sunday, 20 January 2013, Kana'iolowalu festive event at the Iolani Palace, with wonderful entertainment and display booths, was attended by those for and against it.  Those against it were refrained from participating onstage, thus did their version of Kaulana Na Pua near the bandstand without a sound system.  The attraction besides what was presented was free lunch available to all who attended.  The catch was one had to have an orange ticket which could only be gotten by registering at the Roll Commission tent.  I went to McDonalds in town to buy my lunch rather than be bribed to sign up for Kana'iolowalu.  I find that strategy disingenuous considering that OHA donated $100,000. to Pearl Harbor Memorial reconstruction fund with no strings attached.  It seems like a typical strategy used by a U.S. agency to forward its agenda.

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