Notes in class

Kanalu Young, PhD.

  • Aboriginal: The first people to be there.
    • Descend, geneology, prior to 1778 (Cook)
  • Plants
    • Edemic: Developed & of here
    • native plants: grown here, these plants got here without the help of humans.  Got here from the W's.
      • Three W's
        • Waves
        • Wind
        • Wings
  • Hawaiian Native:  Someone born in Hawaii
    • A native boy/girl of these islands.
  • Native was as haole's thought of savages, heathens, non-catholic, non-religious
  • 1842-1843
    • Already had sovereignty, trying to regain it.
    • first non-European to become a sovereign state/nation.
  • native: You native are nature
  • Social Darwinism
    • The darker you are, the lower you go in the "food chain" / "hiarchy" 
    • african genes are dominant
  • 1978: OHA created (Office of Hawaiian Affairs)
  • Kehau Kauanui: Blood Quantum paper
    • They first gave OHA a blood quantum  of 1/32 and federal goverment pushed it to 50% Hawaiian
  • People don't like the word "Hawaiian" so they use words like "Kanaka", "Kanaka Maoli" and "'Oiwi"
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