Summer of 2007, I was called upon the chairperson of the NKCDP steering committee to speak my mana'o of my concerns to the project noting there was no koko on the board.Then months later, Mike Gomes of Chalon International aka: Surety Kohala resigned and Mike Isaacs of the North Kohala Community Preservation Group was the replacement. Mr. Isaacs is a Kamehameha School Alumni and has worked extensively with respected kupuna of passing, my grand aunt Marie Solomon.Concerns of broadening into Focus Groups then provided seating for past and current board members of Kamakani 'O Kohala Ohana aka: KAKO'O caretaking under PUBLIC ACCESS and GROWTH MANGEMENT to include Kohala's own Hawaiian Activist who later was placed in a board seat of the reorganized nonprofit Kohala Community Land Trust (KCLT). Under AFFORDABLE HOUSING seated a non hawaiian board member of KCLT and board member of Malama Kohala Kahakai. Embracing this effort, the values we hold dearly for Kohala all in the spirit of ALOHA.Allen A. Salavea of the County of Hawaii Planning Department is currently following up with the County Clerk's office to get the ordinance number and actual date of signing so that information can also be included in the document.Mr. Salavea is holding off printing of the final until those two pieces of information are obtained.In the meantime, although not perfect in its entirety, here is the lenghty NKCDP Final for review:nkcdpfinal11.08.pdfI ENCOURAGE ALL COMMUNITIES TO GET ACTIVE IN SUPPORTING ACCESS RIGHTS, GROWTH MANAGEMENT, AND INFRASTRUCTURE PLACEMENTS IN YOUR OWN GENERAL PLAN COMPANIONS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY OF WHAT YOU CAN TAKE FROM THIS PLAN AND IMPOSE IT UPON YOUR OWN COMMUNITY AS WE HAVE DONE. THERE ARE STATE LAWS IMPLEMENTED TO SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE ESCPECIALLY ON IMPORTANT AGRICULTURAL LANDS (IGL)...GET INVOLVED INSTEAD OF BEING REMOVED FROM WHAT REALLY MOTIVATES YOU AS A PEOPLE CARING FOR PEOPLE OF KOKO AND NON KOKO. IT IS YOUR KULEANA, AND AFTER READING THIS YOU MAY REALLY WANT TO MAKE IT YOUR KULEANA!
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