A 1968 report written by UH agronomists document that Agents Pink and Purple were also used on Kauai. I will do some research on what these are later. Also, the report states that these chemicals were mixed together. In one study I read on Agent White, the chemcals did not produce death in sheep individually, but when combined the sheep died. We were all guinea pigs. They had no idea what they were producing or what the health effects were gong to be.

I found the Hawaii Department of Health annual reports. The Agricultural Station on Kauai is still active as of 2010. Barrels were still being excavated after 2002. How is this possible? Dioxin causes serious, sometimes fatal health problems in as little as .25 part per TRILLION. (That is twenty five hundredths.) That is like one drop of water in 20 olympic size swimming pools. That is like 3 seconds out of every 100,000 years. IT IS ALMOST NOTHING. Yet the cleanup at the Wailua Reservoir is ungoing and it is right next to Wailua Homesteads.

WHY ARE THE WATERS WELLS IN WAILUA HOMESTEADS BEING INVESTIGATED FOR TOXINS??? It is all very vague, but the investigation is ongoing. Some of the chemicals dumped all over up there have an extremely slow dispersal rate. Dioxin goes straight into the fat cells and stays there until things start moving. It's like continuous poisoning.

Kaohi, do you look at the CERCLA investigations and reports on toxic waste? I just found long lists with photos of the spills, etc. I have not had time to go back and check to see if the dump by your home is there.

Do you know what the birth defects and cancer rates are for Wailua? It looks to me like the guinea pig effect is still happening there and no one is questioning it. I have not seen one report on illness in the population. Of course, the children won't start getting sick for 20 years. They are much more susceptible because their weight to exposure ratio is different than adults. Also, developing organs are much more susceptible. These are hormonal chemicals that cause severe endocrine disruption and DNA damage.

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Comment by Sheridan Collins on November 8, 2010 at 10:33pm
I saw a story about a dioxin contaminated mess somewhere. It was so contaminated that the whole mess was encased in concrete and dumped in the ocean. What? A big problem with concrete is that it does not hold up in areas near the ocean, or when it's make with aggregate from near the ocean. I am not a concrete specialist, but it does not make sense to me to dump a bunch of concrete on extremely toxic material and put it in the ocean. Why bother. It's just a PR thing and work for everybody.

Here is the new scam to extract the land from ranchers: All the failed rich ranchers are working on getting elk designated as agricultural. Elk are not cows, but they don't get it. That way, they can claim huge ag tax deferments, charge $13,000.00 PER ELK HUNT, sub it all out to an outfitter and do nothing but make money - no work at all. Then a bunch of environmentalist from Montana show up in New Mexico with a load of lawyers - all work for so called non profit groups that are funded by the rich hobby ranchers. They want everyone on 200,000 acres they have claimed as their "area" to give them "conservation easements.' The ranch where I live is in the middle of it. This is when the landowner hands over the deed to their property in exchange for big tax breaks. Their children don't have to pay any taxes when the parents die. Why should they. They don't own anything. The family can stay on the land, but it has no resale value because all these environmentalist are on the property "inspecting" it. It's a whole industry. The rich people get extremely inflated appraisals on their property so they get more tax breaks. In Colorado the IRS is after people for a lot of money. The rich people will just pay up, but the average rancher who got talked into it will lose the land. When the IRS is done, the State of CO Dept of REvenue is going after them. That is why the IRS chose CO - because there is state tax in CO. Some of them owe over $350,000. They will take the land, the stock, even the pickups. The CO Commissioner of Agriculture was down here with the enviro lawyers and the rich people at some fancy meeting. He was promoting the "elk are ag" concept and recommending the easement scam. This guy owns dry land wheat farms and cow/calf operations in Colorado and Missouri. I have spent a lot of time looking and cannot find one bit of information about any conservation easements on his place. All the other "ranchers" who spoke were pushing easements because they own businesses holding the easement paper. When the first Spanish rancher loses a ranch that has been in his/her family for 300 years, this whole place is going to blow up. They did the same thing in Catron County. Then they released wolves. The wolves are killing the stock - can't even find the calf carcasses - the dogs and the kids can't play outside. Imagine growing up on a ranch and having to play in the living room. The wolves are not afraid of people because they were bred in captivity. The ranchers started wearing their holsters w/guns to town. Mostly people have guns out here, but the environmentalists are very afraid of guns. It is true that if they suddenly start telling the wrong person what to do, they might get shot. This controlled things for a few years. Then a lot of new rules were made up. The difference between Catron County and Rio Arriba County where I live, is those Catron ranchers were all white. Up here every body is Spanish. So it is going to go down in a whole different way. For 53 wolves, hundreds of fish and game and environmentalists have something to do while the innocent bystanders lose their way of life. The lawyers love it - it's non stop litigation.

The Jicarilla Apaches have jumped in and teamed up with the rich people. Now they are claiming 2 million acres with the rez. Those people are so thrilled with the idea of having Indian friends, that they don't get it that they will never know anything about what is going on over there. First of all, it is all open range anyway with everybody's stock all mixed up with the elk and deer. Someone already wanted to get the ag designation for bird hunting. Elk are not birds either, but the county said they can't do it with birds. They want to inspect all the private property for fenced off streams, etc. so the elk have good water to drink. Everybody is going to have to do nothing but repair the wire fence along all the streams and rivers. A herd of elk can tear down 1,000 feet of wire fence in 30 seconds. Most of them pushing it are retired from the Forest Service or the Federal Land Trust, etc. So they don't care if the people lose the land - they will get it anyway and close it to everyone but themselves. That is what the Nature Conservancy does, too. They close all the roads permanently then fly into the ranches in helicopters for party time. The governor already gave the ag designation to his very rich buddy - but only for his ranch. The governor likes to fly up here in a helicopter and ride horses around sightseeing. Once when the police helicopter he uses was in the shop, he got one from border patrol - like border patrol doesn't have enough to do.

A kid working in a feed store told me today that the government is buying up big ranches north of here and putting "not for sale" signs on them. My guess is, nobody wanted anything to do with the easement scam up there. What I see is thousands of people with their parasite lawyers making enough money to buy multi million dollar ranches while the other people are ending up living in a camper in a relative's yard. The plan is to get the people off the land. Whether it is in Hawaii or in the rural southwest, the people are just a profitable inconvenience.
Comment by Kaohi on November 8, 2010 at 9:15pm
I strongly believe that we need an exit plan should the construction begin for the Stryker Bragade should it happen. The war is over, and all that is happening here in the Pacific is to access the ocean for storage of DU or any nulcear contaminants. With that in place we should see investments, for wall street shoot across the sky in every country. We shall see what hillary does in the NuclearProliferation Treaty.
Comment by Sheridan Collins on November 8, 2010 at 9:15pm
I was just looking at Joan Conrow's blog today. I just found it when I was looking for the exact location the dioxin trash and barrels were buried at the Wailua Reservoir. She was upset because they were making a big deal about stocking the reservoir with blue gill and catfish. That sounds crazy to me too. She was talking about talapia. Haha. She said that the high school kids working on the project were going to start thinking talapia was a native fish. Only to Coco Palms. I sent her a message asking her if she is still in Hawaii. The last Kauai blog entry was 2009. I can't understand how someone like her is not in a fit over the dioxin. Is everybody ignoring it or what? Other dioxin spill sites are encased in concrete and buried with big fences and warning signs all around them. I don't get it.

Coco Palms has a sewage mess reported. Probably a cess pool. That's what we all had in those days. I used to think about cess pools and water lines later when I was working on projects. How can there be enough clearance on a lot to be safe?

I need to come back and read this tomorrow. I am really busy trying to get what we need in here before winter. I sent my daughter a message on facebook today. She turned 29 on the 6th. I don't know if she will respond or not. My daughters need to know because they are effected by it. Thinking back over 45 years of weird and scary health events not knowing what was happening has been hard. It all makes sense now.
Comment by Kaohi on November 8, 2010 at 8:37pm
Joan Conrow is a very good Hawaiian culture reporter mediocre, but lot's of information. So for her to right about the DU issue when she was no where near the problem leaves me to wonder why. Which is why I took her article apart. I got a bit tired towards the end, so a little bit sloppy work will need to clean it up a bit later.

I am starting to see the birth defects slight but present in my grand children. I see it everywhere tho in my community. Also I presented a graph showing birth defects spiking in Hawaii. I had a talk with Dr. Emmit Aluli his from Molokai-- at a Kahoolawe event at UH Manoa. And he too, have concerns for congenial birth defects. Taiwan has nuclear plants and lot's of people there have detectors for their nuclear contamination exposure.

I use to look at CERCLA haven't recently.

The construction on the Stryker Bragade at Schofield has stopped and everyone that was working on that project got laid off. So we should see some stupid local bullying around town soon. Although I applaud the NRC for standing up to the Army to their surprise, the NRC should have stayed in Hawaii and allow the community to hear or be education more on DU. But, I guess life is unfair and this is just one of them. The Army wants to us DU in their live fire, decommission (remove it) and do it again and again. The military personal is a trasitionig group, however, we Na Kanaka stays here for generations. Our DNA would weaken over time to dust. Thanks for your response, I neede that!

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