I am drawn to Huna. The language is just beautiful, the traditions are breath taking. With more awareness of Huna being brought out through books and the internet, I decided to set out to learn more. I am a Medium, Spiritual Counselor, Animal Communicator. I am not Hawaiian. I am a Seeker, hungry for knowledge to expand my own awareness and consciousness. The more I learn about other spiritual practices and other traditions, the more I learn about myself as a spiritual being.

I am a victim of Huna fraud. Well, really I take full responsibility for my experience, so using the word victim here kind of goes against my Inner Being.

I ordered DVD's called KaHuna Secrets. I wanted to learn about Huna. That was my intention. But the DVD's were $397. I thought I'm being drawn to Huna, I will go ahead and order the DVD's.

Well, these DVD's, in my personal opinion, are a fraud. When a topic came up about Huna, the instructor said to get such and such book from Max Freedom Long. From what I could hear and understand on the DVD's, they were unprofessionally recorded and the picture and sound was atrocious, the instructor was basically teaching a formula of Huna and The Silva Method, and other energy methods that were not Huna. I've learned them from other trainings.

This is my opinion from my experience so far. The Instructor of this program (he is a white man) is a typical greedy American that takes, exploits and markets to take advantage and make the most money. (wow! judgmental lens coming into focus here!) But I'm not one to look through my judgmental lens. I like to think I practice non-judgment. But my treatment by this man that calls himself a
Reverend and a Huna teacher has brought out my judgmental lens. I don't
like what I'm seeing in myself when I look through that lens.

Now that I've had that experience, can anyone suggest a teacher of unadulterated Huna? Is that even possible? Or was I delusional in thinking I can learn a beautiful sacred tradition?

I know that I had something to learn and there was something going on in me that brought this into my experience. Though, when I saw the picture of the instructor, a tiny thought came up that said, "He's not Hawaiian."

But wait, I've learned some amazing practices from the East from freely giving people that learned them from a teacher from the East. They were not white men. They were spiritual women. There's that judgment lens again.

Again, this is just my experience so far.
I would like to hear from some of you your reactions and your thoughts to my experience. Yes, I'm opening myself up here.


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Comment by Denise on April 5, 2011 at 4:27pm

Thank you. I appreciate the link. I will look into it.


Comment by Kelea K. Levy-Sandfort on April 5, 2011 at 3:00pm
I shared it all and more...at that link.  There's also a link on this site....try searching "huna" - there's a very long discussion on the subject.  Sorry I'm not getting into it more here - it's just that people have already spent hours/days/months exploring this subject in all its depths.  Try taking a look...
Comment by Denise on April 5, 2011 at 11:44am

Thank you for stating a point that I'm already well aware of.

Perhaps one day you will be able to share more.

Comment by Kelea K. Levy-Sandfort on April 5, 2011 at 8:34am

I'm not yelling Denise - just emphatically stating a point.(!!!)


Go to this link for more info: http://www.facebook.com/AboutHuna

Comment by Denise on March 31, 2011 at 2:39am

Thank you Kelea. I understand that. Can you explain more? Coming here and 'yelling' at me saying that Huna is not Hawaiian doesn't help. Share what you know. That is the reason I opened myself up here.


I personally have received a wonderful spiritual practice based off of Celtic shamanism. I am Irish and has a spiritual experience in Ireland. So I understand your exclamation points.  ;)

Comment by Kelea K. Levy-Sandfort on March 30, 2011 at 8:40pm
Huna is Not Hawaiian!!!
Comment by Kaohi on July 23, 2010 at 9:32pm
I have strong Irish blood in my children, so when I approaced the walls or dense forest with my grandchildren, I sometimes wonder what they see. However, I don't have that all knowing, so therefore its very faint.

Are you having discomfort with Pagnism? I don't and would recommed that to my own children should the opportunity arise. All my children are Christian and some attend church regularly. One should visit the birthing stones at Wahiawa, the twilight hours are the best for me.
Comment by Denise on July 23, 2010 at 1:37pm
You are right Kaohi. I am searching for a group to practice with. I went the Wiccan route and discovered Paganism. I went to Ireland and had the most amazing experiences and learned a lot in Ireland.
Comment by Kaohi on July 23, 2010 at 12:07pm
I had the good fortune to go to Salem in Boston. And I got to meet Laura Cabot not the restruant owner somewhere else but a real practicing witch in Salem.

I also go to see the town where a lot of American white type practicing 'spritual' and touchy sentimental kine of seeing life in a different way.

I wanted to distinguish and respect those that are Wiccans, I have a lot of young wiccan friends.

And from then my awareness had spread.

I am confortible with these practices.

I believe the'huna' is from these practices that you speak of.

Fortunately, we had morna simeona. I believe that is where one might want to start.

But from what, I can understand from your posting one is looking for context and practice from Huna. and not the Native Hawaiian spirituality.

I attend buddist exercise and note that I know that is not of my teachings. Often times I pay for things or donate which is separate and apart from my seeking out enlightenment (don't know if that's the word to describe).

I've had the real fortune of knowing my own people before they past, one being the Temple of Lono.
Do I practice yes, do I make a bigger and wider or deeper 'mode' of it no! Why, because Uncle Sam Lono said, unless we've had intergenerations of this practice we will not fully be able to leave and return without causing harm to oneself as well as others. And I do follow his instructions.

Not to say what we sense and feel does not exist.

Having said that I have been able to meet many people in prayer from all walks of life for human compassion and dignity.

There someone on this maoli site that wrote extensively on this subject.

Also too their chanters that make announcements.

Having sadi this I want you to know that I cannot tell what is it that you want:

greedy white person? huna (white practice)? Druids? Proper protocol? Wiccans? not sure!!!

But, do keep on seeking a safe group to practice the spirit within and without.

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