Women's shoe types are a plenty and as varied as women. From killer heels down to the most comfortable pair of Ugg boots for women, shoes are clearly a staple for every woman. For a man, all shoe style fall under a sole category and that is: 


 footwear. For women, however, it is so different. There are plenty of shoe styles to choose from and it seems that all women have this need to have at least a single pair of all the categories. 

Naming all types of women shoes is impossible as there are just too many. However, if you must know, here is a general list of different shoe styles that every woman love:

    1. Heels. Generally, these fall under the pump category. They come in various styles as well like sexy sling backs, peep toes, and wedges. Women have this crazy notion of looking better in heels and that the higher the heels are, the prettier that they look. Although wedges sometimes have a category of its own, they still fall under the heels as their heels are towering even if they come in a chunkier design.

    1. Flats. Completely the opposite of heels, flat shoes, true to its name, remains firmly on the ground. Ballet flats are among the most popular flat shoes there is which really looks similar with those shoe styles that ballet dancers wear. These are great for women who wants to have a classic but still a sexy aura that the dainty shoes helps to project.

    1. Boots. Winter boots like Ugg boots are a woman's best friend even if the world turns cold against her. Ugg boots for women comes in various styles and designs which will match the wardrobe of any fashion forward woman. Ugg boots are made with sheepskin as well as the highest quality of suedes, leather, and fabric so you never have to worry when shopping for winter boots.

    1. Sandals.This classification include both dressy and casual shoe styles that are open.Flip flops are great for outdoors wherein a woman is asked to wear them casually. Dressy ones are reserved for formal occasions in which the dress looks more stunning when paired with a sexy sandal.

  1. Sneakers. Also a casual type of shoe, sneakers is the best for those sporty activities like hiking, running, and even for casual walks around. Although they are made with leather, nylon, and rubber, they are not great for the cold months unlike the Ugg boots. Sneakers, or tennis shoes, as some would say, will come handy for activities that require comfortable shoe style.

You can never take away shoes from any woman's life. Women and shoes are inseparable as they are both crucial in both style and fashion. This is why every woman loves their shoes, sometimes even more than they love their partners.

From Ugg boots for women down to flip flops, a woman's wardrobe is never complete without having one to match their clothes whatever season there is. Different activities call for different footwear and every woman should be prepared to have a pair ready whenever the occasion calls for it.

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