Meeting of Minds!

If we all had to work together and individually voice our opinion to what is the next step to restoration of our Hawaiian Government, What would you say needs to be done? Would you be willing to follow through with your plan of action? What do you expect the out come to be?Please everyone be free to think aloud. Voice your opinion. Anyone making pilikia with others will have their comments deleted. I will not delete a legitimate answer even though it may not be what we want to see.I'll start it off first.I think that the land in Hawaii is the most important. Therefore I propose to lien all ceded lands by filing a lien at the bureau of conveyances. This would definitely keep the State from selling land on a short term basis. If you do this be prepared to fight. I'm willing to do it. I think the state is gonna be pissed and try to file a judgment against me, but at least I'm trying to preserve what is inherently ours.
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  • Man trained to jump cliffs must jummp cliffs. The nature of us all.

    A cliff jumpah I.
  • Would you guys be wiling to help lay the foundation that we are talking about? Actually going to visit each of these leaders and even becoming these leaders yourself. I am in very close contact with some of the major players. Like you said Kamatose we need some of those guys who are willing to set it all up. Think about it cause I have already started laying some of this groundwork.
  • To comment on those that hate us; there will always be those of ignorance who are closed minded. It's easy for us to say if we just show them love and they'll learn from it, but keep in mind those that overthrew the Kingdom were treated just like that. I agree with the fact of learning other cultures, because in donig so and understanding others we can think outside of the box and learn of ways that they can relate to us, and us to them. Everything is a matter of perspective and knowledge to cure that ignorance.

    As far as a plan of action:

    I think fighting for the aina is only one small step. I think first we must rally and spread the word. Whether it's public speaking or with family and friends. We need to gather all the group leaders and sit them down to form a solid plan of action. Imagine if when Iolani Palace was occupied if it had been 7000 instead of 70. That is a statement. Strength in numbers. Are hardest part is being so far apart.

    I always tend to think of MLK and the speeches he gave to his people. We need a group that can travel from one place to the next all over to spread the word and get people united, but we need some generalized form of what we want as a whole.

    We need open forums where communities can give their input in what they want so we can lay it out and say "here it is", this is what our people want. Something that OHA really should have been doing all of this time.

    Getting the leaders and activist together to hammer out things would be a start.
  • I think some of you already 'read hearts.' For those that may not, know that the only heart you need to read is your own. What virtue guides your action? Anything but 'Aloha' and you judge yourself. Can one act purely on Aloha without projecting negative ideals? 'Humble Pie' so to speak.
  • I agree with you, I wish we could read someones heart it would be much easier to see their true intentions. Do you guys think if we could assemble all the community leaders as well as activists that we could work together to achieve our goal of liberation?
  • I think I read or watched how some native peoples would send members of their 'community' to go train and/or learn from a another community. The student, after his period of training was over would bring back his teachings to his larger benefactor community. A persons motives will be manifest in their actions. Service to fellow man broken in them. Descendants of the land, Kanaka Maoli won't have to cast lots. They inherit by virtue of being stewards of the old aina.

    Some things happen for a reason. There may be a bigger picture at play here. The best we can do is find a way to work within the framework set for us.

    Anyways, thats how iid cross that bridge.
  • Interesting but what about giving admittance to those who really just plain hate Hawaiians and wanna live here? Its not too far to stray from saying that many of the people here who call Hawaii home will do anything in their power to disrupt any attempt to liberate ourselves from occupiers. Some even enter our schools to disseminate poor information on behalf of the squatters.
  • We would open up our hearts, and then teach the key by service to our fellow neighbors. We would give the keys to this kingdom to anybody who asked, no quotas or arbitrary limits, but with admittance favoring Kanaka Maoli. The descendants of the land should be natural inheritors of 'dakine,' a kuleana that cannot be extinguished. We would work within the framework of the established system (aka USA rules) because we know that displacing large groups of people would be bad for our karma... We continue to ku'e for what is pono, but let karma take care of its kuleana.

    We would establish the Spiritual Kingdom as a house of liberty to memorialize those ancient Hawaiians that embodied the morals and principles of a once, and again, proud people. 'Bring Back the Aloha,' that's what we would hopefully do.
  • Awesome, I think denouncing citizenship is great. Many kanaka will have problems with this though. I have not paid registration, safety check for my car and have gotten pulled over many times and given tickets. I have seen every approach on how to get out of these tickets, I just dislike the hassle of going to court and all the BS they make us run through. It would be much better if they were not here. So how do we get them peaceably out without raising arms?
  • ALOHA Kakou, e Hawaii, After renoucing my citizenship to the United States on January 17, 1993, I have gone home to my country, my nation, my Hawaii, the Hawaiian Kingdom. My loyality as a Hawaiian Kingdom nationnal is to the Hawaiian Kingdom nation. "I protest against any and all acts done agasint my native country, the Hawaiian Kingdom and its constitutional sovereign, Queen Liliuokalani by the United States troops on January 17, 1893." "Now, to avoid any collision of arrrest from agents of the United States, and perhaps the loss of my life and freedom, I seek the full indepence of the Hawaiian Islands as a Independant Nation of the Free World." HE HAWAII AU, o Pomai
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