SAYS GOVERNMENT SUPPORTS TRUSTS - President Cleveland Gave Hawaii Back to Queen Liliuokalani


This is Pilipo's Message to also remind many:

Aloha kakou,
If you have seen the new Fake State versions of Akakadized, you are missing a great circus. In the year 2000, the Hawaii U. S. Congress members came home to Hawaii to "Island-wide" Public Hearings on the proposed Akaka Bill but never left Oahu. The Bill then with all its professionalism was primitive compared to what is now at the Fake State 2011 Legislature. SB1, SB1520 and HB 1627 all are proposed Legislation at the current session. There may even be others. This is sometimes known as "miss the chicken, crack the duck" syndrome, basically what ever gets pass has the same effect. 
These Bills may be slightly worded differently but they all mean the same. It is almost like voting for Statehood again, where no matter what version you choose, you were cooked. For example, lets take a look at HB1627. From its first page, Section 1, Chapter "First Nation Government" is incomplete where it only discloses what the United States did to make themselves look good and descent but fails to disclose what the United States did to make the Hawaiian Nation look bad and unworthy. The First Nation of Hawaii did not begin the day after the alleged overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom Nation January 17, 1893. The First Nation began with the consolidation of the Hawaiian Sandwich Islands by King Kamehameha the Great in 1809 but that is mute.
Section 2 of the proposed bill is Definitions, as used in this chapter: glosses-over of what is the definition of a Native Hawaiian. Existing Federal laws certify a Native Hawaiian is one with at least 50 % aboriginal (Kanaka Maoli) blood (koko) However, "First nation government" means the governing entity organized pursuant to this chapter by the qualified Native Hawaiian constituents, and "Native Hawaiian membership organization" means an organization that lists five activities. But the camel's backbreaker is the definition of "Qualified Native Hawaiian constituent, which means, prior to the recognition by the United States of the Native Hawaiian governing entity, an individual who satisfies the following criteria and who makes a written statement certifying that the individual "IS", not and/or, an individual that meets twenty (20) specific conditions which designate one being "qualified Native Hawaiian constituent or member of.
This is "Akakadized" All the bills say the same ting. They are a 'Ajinimoto" versions of the Akaka Initiative of 2000, aka the Akaka Tribe. But too late for there is already a Hawaiian Tribe that is in agreement with the Department of Indian Affairs known as the Hou Hawaiians back in the 1997. These bills are a conglomerate  of ingredients that reads like a Chinese menu or a Pharmaceutical remedy for cancer. Yes, the Akaka Pill that will once and for all cure all Hawaiians ills. 
But the final nail in the coffin is definition (4) "Is a citizen of the United States residing in the State of Hawaii or resides outside the State of Hawaii.   This mandate coincides with the voting requirements in the formulation of the Republic of Hawaii in 1894 where voters where required to swear an oath of allegiance to the newly formed Republic and its Constitution before they could register to vote.
The original Akaka Bill could not muster Constitutionality, nor can any other form of legislation by the Fake State Hawaii Legislature. Above and beyond all, the Akaka Initiative and all forms of legislation and enactments concerning the the Hawaiian Nation of Ko Hawaii Pae Aina are based upon fraud that has perpetuated theft for 118 years.        
I have sent you this in case you are falling asleep and in need of agitation to wake you up.
 malama ke kino

Hawaiian National (1936)
Opposition Continues because


Something STINKS...............(.and I know it's NOT ME)  WICKED TO THE MAX!




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Sudden Rush- Messenjah's (Feat.Amy Hanaialii Gilom)

Sudden Rush- Messenjah's (Feat.Amy Hanaialii Gilom)

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    "bed of Procrustes"

    One way or another the Hawaiians will be made to fit into the Akaka Bed.  OHA will bless the final alterations.

  • In Rice vs. Cayetano the Dissenting Opinion said "Why can't We just leave OHA alone ?"  The Opinion butchered OHA,  tearing it limb from limb.  Now they want to piece OHA back together again like Frankenstein because they cannot find anything better after all !!
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  • (all the above was posted then the following added)


    Continued Oppositions to the Akaka Bill's (Congress version defeated) entity State's version in the 2011 Legislature. SB1, SB1520 and HB 1627.



                                                                          Amelia Gora, a Royal person, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs, Royal Families House

                                                                          of Nobles, descendant of Kalaniopuu, Kamehameha, et. als. with Sovereign

                                                                         Immunities, a living, human being


    cc. to many

    LILIUO FREE by Hawaiian Nation


  • Any government outside of her government was and remained illegal.  The PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC:  CHARLES REED BISHOP AND FRIENDS have been discovered and are documented.  See
    for the list of criminals and watch for the list 2 or BOOK II for another list with Thomas Akaka, ancestor of Senator Daniel Akaka, the designer/co-designer of the Akaka Bill and all the new entity State of Hawaii versions of the Akaka Bill with documented Oppositions, including this one.

    Thomas Akaka worked with Dr. Mott-Smith in 1892, conspiring with Americans, and Lorrin Thurston, et. als. in Washington, D.C. to overthrow our Queen Liliuokalani.  There were many, many others.

    The article links below adds to the evidence of crimes against a neutral, friendly, non-violent nation which continues to have supporters, descendants who seek Truth, Justice and continue to remind all in the World of the dishonesty, criminal activities of Nations who have done so many wrongs to many other independent nations such as the Hawaiian Islands/Hawaiian Kingdom/Ko Hawaii Pae Aina/ Hawaiian archipelago:
  • The tremendous amounts of evidence showing fraud, deceit, criminal activities has led to a warring nation to use it's tactics against many in the world today.........and this is added for the records and continuing the oppositions of the criminal deviants operating a corporation band of thieves in moving, acting as if they were passing legal laws in a foreign land outside of their own.

    Ko Hawaii Pae Aina exists.........the integrity of Neil Abercrombie and his band of conspirators activities continue against all in the Hawaiian Islands because they fail to protect the lives, safety, health of all in the Islands and are causing harm to everyone here due to their moves to accommodate corporations using toxins, GMO's, acceptance of the U.S. military tests, toxins, depleted uranium/ DU, genocide issues, etc. which is not in the best interests of all humankind in Hawaii and the World today. 

    The following information is accessible at the links for all to see, read, understand, recognize, and which supports the facts that we, the Alii families, subjects, aboriginal Hawaiians, kanaka maoli were not in the wrong and have been lied to over time by dishonest men and women set in place to criminally assume, pirate what is not belonging to them.

    Queen Liliuokalani was under duress.

    Any government outside of her government was and remained illegal.  The PIRATES OF THE PACIFIC:  CHARLES REED BISHOP AND FRIENDS have been discovered and are documented.  See
    for the list of criminals and watch for the list 2 or BOOK II for another list with Thomas Akaka, ancestor of Senator Daniel Akaka, the designer/co-designer of the Akaka Bill a
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    U.S. President Barrack Obama
    Entity State of Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie,
    et. als.

       Hawaiian Kingdom Records No. 2011-00126 from Amelia Gora, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs - Royal Family House of Nobles documenting Continued Oppositions to the Akaka Bill's entity State's version in the 2011 Legislature. SB1, SB1520 and HB 1627


    The following was posted for many to see and is a legal notice documenting additional evidence of the crimes of the U.S., their conspirators, co-conspirators against a neutral nation, a friendly, non-warring nation headed by Queen Liliuokalani, who was under duress, stress, usurpation, and coercion, along with her innocent subjects, those who did not conspire against her.

    The tremendous amounts of evidence
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