Lhg- lawful Hawaiian Government

Have you registered to Vote ..? was a questioned that a hawaiian man told me about a couple of months ago, i told him vote for what, my mada wen vote fo da popolo president from punahou, who else get good fo vote foa. den da braddah told me fo get involved in our Lawful Hawaiian Goverment and to study da laws dat pertains to our people and wat dis U.s.a government doing to our lands and our people. so thought to myself best i go get educated on dis matter, so uhmc is wea i got alot of good insights and educated myself in dis polical matter and boy did it open a whoole bunch of sardines cans. you no b4 i used to pound Haole tourist or swabbies jus bcoz my elders did it and i thought i was just keeping up wit da tradition of tings, but now i know why dey felt all diz animosity towards diz po'e haole. but i tink da fiyah dat wuz burning inside me still burnin but differrent kind heat idk if you undahstan wat i mean but.. i tink now i undahstan moa and insted of using my fist (which neva do to much damage to dem but plenty damage fo me) i learned how fo use my 'ike and get da edmacation so dat i can help make a difference insted of being a statistic..so i tink i going help my fellow po'e kanaka a me kanaka e in dis fight for regain our goverment and our way of life back so we as a people can be and feel pono..!

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